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einfach wiederlich wie man so was seinem (wenn auch bereits verstorbenen) Tier antun kann... 
Anna K
this cat isn't alive...he was died under a car.He is stuffed...
Diego Bao
err.. cute? the cat is dead. The guy stuffed his dead cat and made that thing. I don't think it is cute or nice. I found it bizarre and not cool at all.
sorry..i didnt know..that's awful..gosh...i'm sorry..
Anna K
he's name is Orvillecopter
CG or animal cruelty one of the two , look at cats face pure fear. evil.
Eve Byrne
thats really mean :( cruel :(
that cat is dead and stuffed!!! thats so mean. Who could do that. Even  if its dead?!
Eve Byrne
The article translated: Half cat, half-machine: The Dutch artist Bart Jansen has an odd way to grieve. From his cat was run over by a car Jansen has made ​​an art object. The Orvillecopter consists of his stuffed cat that has attached to its paws Jansen small propeller. In a video, the artist shows how to fly the cat. All four legs stretched out, gazing confusedly forward, the cat roars a few inches above the ground. Of course, using a remote control. For his birthday treat Jansen wants something very special: The Orvillecopter to get more powerful engines and rotors. Then maybe real flying possible. About the art object and the video can be seen on the Internet, is widely discussed. Many find the idea of ​​perverse, some funny. It also features already found on the new flight object: It could as to the idea of "superbluff5" scare away the birds from his car. The name "Orvillecopter" by the way, by Orville Wright, an American pioneer of aviation and aeronautics.
It's a scarecrow of his favourite cat )
lebendig oder tot - beides zum kotzen
i wanna do that to my cat except i dont have one
it is real!! its so cruel
If he really did love his cat he should have buried it instead of turning its lifeless carcass into a toy for his amusement.
You people are all dumb. The cat was already dead, haven't you people ever heard of Taxidermy? This is just the next step forward. Now he can finally catch those birds that have been getting away. :)
inhuman monster....should be plugged into electric chair
Hahahahaha! That cat looks happy & relaxed. :D
i not have a word,what are you do for cat
should the tail be up as a rudder?

For the record, I love cats and believe they should be treated well at all times.
Is this not a torture to the cat? More so since it is just for fun!
hey is the flying pussy cat watch out tweedy bird sylvester is heading you way
Hey i posted this first you just reshared it
Does the ASPCA and PETA know about this cat flying?
Your death will be slow and painful humanz.
tokyo hot......... im thinking
The cat died 6 months ago and he took it to a taxidermist. Then he added the motor in the cat's belly and propellers on the paws. 
amazing! i cant believe this.....................
 wasnt any supervisor from Animal Rights institues to register cat s willing to fly?...  :)
where did he do it? i guess in his rc stuff.
God The Cat is Dead ..........:(
Run! Dead cats have started to fly!!
how is this cruelty? the cat's already dead! 
I fly Quadcopters but, this is messed up.
awesomest maximus!cool innovation,"wild cats and their masters"
juju LZ
isso mostra tambem que o animal esta sendo maltrado, que coisa feia.........
Imagine that coming towards you in a lonely place!
How can I choose -1? It's a bad thing to do with an animal.
Ironic for a cat that spent all it's time chasing birds to now be part bird complete with feet...  :-)
the cat was dead, then he stuffed it and gave it rotors
I don't think that cat likes that..look at his face. that's not a happy cat face.
And stuffing HIM/HER and sticking rotors on him makes it better?
awesome people do that :D that's so sick haha
It's just a Nyan Cat prototype.  Once they add the multi-colored streamers and glitter dispensers, it'll make more sense then.
I am amazed how few of the commenters above actually READ this post. The cat is DEAD, due to an earlier car accident.
Besides that, i have only one thing to say:
Sail Cat!
This could just as easily qualify as a marker of a future serial killer. 
you make me sick you b***y b*****. if i was a cristian i would tell you to go to hell.
First I was shocked and appalled but then I found out the cat was dead (car accident) and stuffed. While its still an odd thing to do, at least its not cruel. Heck, if someone wants to turn me into a helicopter after I expire, I'm all for it! Now I just need to make sure I checked of the donate body to science box on my health car.
Cats were harmed in the process of conducting this experiment.
Viewer discretion is advised!
A Jones
Are they flying a cat. The animal people not gonna like that
They should be in jail.
At least he waited till the cat was dead. 
I guess you can get away with anything these days, as long as you call it "art".
I don't like this kind of 'art.'  Nowadays you can empty a bucket of sand on the floor, smear peanut butter on the wall, or install a light-switch sideways and call it 'art.'  And people will buy it or pay money to see it.  Sad.
Rai Ali
hahahahahahahahahah nice 
I understand he loved the cat, but this is just troubling.
Can I just find this kinda cool but also a bit disturbing? Or must I choose if I hate or love it and then insult people that have a different opinion?
Tone GG
That Pussy is fly.
Ryan G
What is this a joke, attaching a stuffed dead cat to a flying contraption. Future serial killer it will be a human next.
This is so screwed up and I wouldn't even consider this guy an artist. Just a terrible human being. 
hahahaha this is very good… :)
this is not acceptable.............
poor cat...................
look at the cat's eyes.. :D
Jim L.
Just think'\.your kid says mommy i saw a cat flying.Would you belvile him...
a dutch artist did this after the die of his cat
Time to make pot illegal in the Netherlands ^_^
Brilliant minds... I don't know why & I don't care, but we all have reasons why we do whatever it is we do... It's a wonderful thing to be yourself 
ha.... ha...... now flying tom!!!!!
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I would love to do this with the person who had this idea, kill him/her and hang her onto this! IDIOTS!
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
Rember-those Dutch are smoking some really strong stuff !!!
Not so amazing afterall.. fuck them.. cruel people
Yeah, this seems less quirky and funny to me, and more...sick.
I discussed this post with 2 people in a hangout.
Friends thats a dead cat.
It was run over by a car & now they have turned it into a helicopter called "orvillecopter"!!
freaky that is a totally dead cat wtf??????/
thats peak on the cat man allow doing that!!!!!!!
That's pretty freaky! I like the concept of quadrocopters but catrocopters?
Well, if this is what's "hot on Google" then it's quite a proof that this is as cozy place for the mentally handicapped - as a friend of mine describes it - as facebook is. Congratulations for the first moron that had posted it.
Got to love that German sense of humor...  i really hope that's Photo-shopped... then it would be kind of funny.  (kind of).
bleedy hell .....
those who tried this they must b treated like this
then they can realised wat they do
shameless :(
I cant even tell if that's a real cat
Bet he likes the water too
The army should use this to spy, imagine the reaction when it is found
I hope it will land
I wouldn't mind seeing those who put the cat on that thing, be tied themselves to it; only this time, fly them to outer space without protective suits :(
batman u should is catman.
it looks pretty terrified but for some reason it looks like it was done by computer because cats dont have that sort of expression that people have.
The cat thinking: "Even at death they didn't leave me alone!!!". Damn...
idea......!!! can u do this???
Animal cruelty!!!!!!
I'd like to see the flying version of his corpse with rotor blades strapped on it - I think his cat is better off dead with an owner like that.
Pu Koh
how convenient that his cat died before the show.
I don't see any difference between this and hanging a deer head above your fireplace, wearing a leather jacket or buying a animal skin rug.
People who would say that a man deserves to die for stuffing his cat, while knowing next to nothing about him and the relationship he had with his cat... are sicker than he could possibly be.
Awesome. how do you get the cat on? Was the cat scared when he went on?
  OMG !
I think the cat's real suprised and horrified...
Reward to anyone who can identify the 2 hyenas in background.

poor cat.. the bewildering look on his face :D
cat as kamikaze... i like it
It seems cruel... But its a cat....
Omg....plz say he is not flying a dead stuffed cat!
I always new cats could fly in real life.  Finally caught on video.
Um....yep....that fool stuffed a cat and tied propellers to there some kinda law against this kinda thing? Is it still animal abuse, if the cat was already dead? Someone enlighten me on this one?
Oh wow.  what kind of demented mind dreamt up this atrocity??  Absolutely inhumane and despicable.
barbara i guess u should join PETA WAT SAY ))))
I think this is a great way to protect our borders.  Think about it...they'll run screaming about a flying dead cat!  LOL
I honestly don't know what to say. That's a first, so well done for that.
its nice but it looks cruel..
N Smith
Whoa... Next stop a human version!
Flying cat..???
Looks like one o' d ninja cat from movie "Cats and Dogs"
this could be done only by the biggest idiots, shame
Just mean! Who would do this?
hope the person that did this gets whats comin
I just showed the picture to my cat and told her if she keeps clawing the furniture, this sort of thing may be in her future.
I hope someone does the same with their bodies when they die. Karma karma...
Hehehe.xo the cat said she wll do that in the future?man thats hot,damnly.
This is why we need -1 buttons.  "Artist" is not the word I would use to describe this person.
The cat dreamt his whole life about being able to fly. The guy who knew him best made it happen.
This is what you see from people who become serial killers later...
Oh god, please tell me it doesn't have a button to make a "meow" noise.
I think it is absolutely hilarious that people believe this to be cruel. What is cruel is that the cat was killed by an automobile due to a driver's carelessness. If I owned a cat and its death was out of my hands, why can't I do what I will with its remains. Taxidermy is normal. Turning your cat into a helicopter, although a little strange, is just science experimentation and a work of art. 
Think of something incredibly stupid and disgusting, and someone has already done something much worse and enjoyed it tremendously.
2 stupid guys pretentind to create art ....with thier own dead cat ...! Why don't they fly away as dead as stones to up in the sky !
I don't like what they do towards this pity little one
"I love my cat so much!" yeah so make it into a helicopter! thats not the first thing i'd think to do...this disgusts me.
The cats eyes in the picture just stare at you, like it's still alive and saying "kiiiiillll meeee...."
the dogs will afraid of cats now
If he takes this outside, do the birds start freaking out!   
may be they used the same technology in Nigerian plane crash.
thats really a class act...
To hunt the bird, you must be the bird!
Lol...Deepak im not much of an animal person....but i sure would never hurt or humiliate one, intentionally........dead or alive....dont think im PETA material tho....i love leather and snakeskin shoes & purses!
It's already dead. Didn't you see the video?
Amazing photo but Poor Kitty!  Wonder if they had to drug it up to mount on the robo-heli?
That cat was actually dead and stuffed.
Would you feel the same if it was a dead human ? Disrespectful assholes, When are you going to learn to respect animals on this planet ?
Of course not! Because a cat is a CAT, NOT a human. 

Try to understand the difference.
and since you have so much of respect for animals I hope you are a vegan. If you are not just shut up and stop sermonizing.
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