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Yeah you can say that again,my ex won't stop sticking her nose in my business she's got the neighbors the maid some of my colleagues to spy on me!tell me why are women so inquisitive it really isn't cool so annoying its so stupid at times
Lucy L
we are just studying our competition! :)
Really?that's the best excuse you've got for that....hahahahaha!!! this is so ridiculous and hilarious also but seriously someone needs to talk to my ex!because its beginning to really piss me off!
Lucy L
sorry, but it is true...
Okay how would any of you ladies feel if your boyfriends or husbands started spying on you acting all touchy and snappy following you every where you go because of the lame excuse of jealousy and you suspect cheating it doesn't make sense and its not cool really it isn't 
Lucy L
it seems that men are not us paranoid as we are... besides, if you did not trust us and we really ARE NOT CHEATING, well, you will see what happens from there... but yeah, it is odd, but if a guy makes a stupid excuse... i mean, we are not CLUELESS! we know when you are lying!
Lucy L
but yeah...
What about my jealous ex she won't let me be everywhere I turn she's got people supporting her I mean the waiter at the cafe the doorman in the mall or in my office my drycleaners even to the extent of my ex being friends with some of my female friends and everyone is spying and snitching on me thinking she's a nice sweet girl when am the one who knows her better than everyone else so how do you explain this Lucy,in my book that's called stalking I guess
ya ya ya ya it's true guys
And a determined man can hide secrets better than the CIA
Lol....this's funny. +brendan mcdonald ...touché...
Ha ha glad she's not jealous!
This is no real way to live. Learn to trust and live. 
BUt u cant always trust. trusting not always good
there is always a trust factor there
emily what do ya mean by fine
i agree to that word of wistom
I agree with Jonathan Rullow...
That's just plain Bullshit!! They don't do any research, just attack with or without reason!!
A jealous woman should learn not to give a shit... Sooooo much easier.
Eva T
Lol...😊Yeah coz she really wants to reveal the truth
lol ur so right haha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p
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