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Hahahaha!!! Not always...
Thats tru... But you see, now a days, there is no coca cola or Heiksman in the picture... It goes straight from 1 to 2 or 3...
Absolutely.say no to alcohol.

Absolutely.let's say no to alcohol.
Lol I don't even like soda but I would be on the second one if i liked soda
I'm only the second one, and that's as far as I'm going
OMG I already stopped at #3. Do I still have to go down the 4th?
Seems Interesting.wanna try.
haha! I just loled . Made my day,
Gela Gh
Um...not really!! Don't drink soda and or alcohol!! Water, tea/chai and natural juices!! But mostly WATER!!!!!!

And I gotta admit.... every once in a while going back to a glass of milk,along side some Oreos is something that hits the spot and you simply can't say no to! :D 
I'm on 3 and plan to stay there for a long time
1. milk/formula
2. carbonated drinks
3. alcoholic beverages
4. medical support fluids
True. But for goodness sake, not Heineken! We Dutch export that stuff for a reason: so that we do not have to drink it ;)
i'm sticking with the #2 and that is where i'm staying for the rest of my life
It's true, but if you stay healthy, you won't need the fourth one.
yes very true
God Bless,
Ruth Ecuyer
Speak for yourself, I don't remember any of them!
They could all be replaced with the third one and life would be great
This is kinda sad , how come water isn't on this list since it's the one drink that brings us life in the first place ?
its really 95% true in real life.
Look at how many people are posting this and how many people are on google. Like 2 billion!!!!!!!!
I'm staying with #2 . ^_^
Yeah, the second bottle could have been some other soft drink, while the third one should definitely be whisky or some other "more serious' drink.One drinks beer when one is thirsty :D 
i am at  2 and i dont plain on going on to 3 and 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i think im at the 2nd one
i think . . .
This does not apply.  I hate all of the above.
In the middle of 2 and 3 ... even tho i should be to 3 yet... i got a while
I'm not a big curse fan. But I get it, so very well.
Who is So number one ?
I am enjoying number 2 quite happily.... (^∇^)
I am at number 2 as well! Ocasionally
Started a new job!!!!!! Well, an old job just back! Bring It!
yes!!!! some of us DO skip the third one!
i'm on the number 2 and i'm happy
Well played; but I hate beer.  I'll put a Jack Daniel's bottle in its place. Gotta love stage 3!
me to but change it to dr pepper not coke
number 3 still healthier than number 2
Im fine with sticking to the second
You need to replace the coke with a red bull.
I'm on coke, but I hate it, much prefer lemonade. True though, the whole bottle thing.
Mary W.
Red wine should be in this list. 
i haven't reached 3 but i don't like coke were does that put me!
jo no.3 par rahega use to no. 4 bhi nasia nahi hogi aur seedhe uper jayega
san cha
Lol I think I should start drinking, don't want to jump frm 2 to 4 ;)
second one i am sure i wont be there on third
i love coke but not coke zero
am at the 2 one and not going any far>.<
im on the second one. is that good or bad?
im on the second one too..........
I'm on #3 but change that to liquor...don't touch beers or malt beverages!
I'm guessing the coke can be subbed with tea
well, get yourself out of it and u wont end up in the fourth
im on the second two more to go aaaaaahhhhh
i dont know witch 1 im on im only 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
im still on teh firstt
i am #1 and #2 but i dont drink milk from the bottle i drink from something called milk in a glass
Ha ha I am still On my second,Though I do not drink cold drink's :P
I'm on 2 and hope to stay there forever!
i'm at the 2nd:) gotta <3 them cokes! but i don't think that is a good witness onj the internet. the big word i mean.
only on the second YES!!! score!   XD
i never started the second and dont plan on starting the rest
im on number two. DEFIANTLY not any of the others!! 
Funny... Except I don't drink coke because I don't like it and I'm not old enough to drink alcohol and I hate drinking milk. I must be near death then. Yay. :P
I'm on second I will never drink number 3 or be with number 4
i'm standing at the first one ,, haha
haha i am #4      and faith ur full of crap

If you avoid #3 and limit your intake of #2 you will never need #4.
ohhhh and you forgot kool-aid >:(
that stupid drink
not baby bottle for baby
It should be the other way around, +Shay Condron . Avoid #2 and limit #3. Beer and wine have been around for a vast portion of human life, whereas Coke and its ilk have only been around with their drinks for barely a century and half, and half of that with sugar substitutes.
consider going back for a milkshake once in a while
Ma J
lol so true
Haven't left stage 1 yet; I just replaced it with chocolate milk.
If you find your self in a combination between 3 and 4 it's bad, right?
Im somewhere between coca cola and heineken right now!! Cant wait to try that last one looks refreshing.
Haha that's soo funny... im still on the second one alcohol here I come! JK jk
So as long as u don't do the third, u prolly won't go through fourth? I doubt it. Haha
thats a little creepy if u think about is
i am 10 lay of the cusing by the way your crazy for even bringing it up idet
do not let your chilren drink beer cause you don't even know what will happen
Ehh you gotta enjoy life right??.. plus without drunk people at parties well...well it just wouldn't be a party=] haha
Jim Hay
That's why it's important to breast feed!
now many people are skipping the 3rd one...
im the 2 one :)
I passed 1, I'm at 2, I'm not going to take 3, but we know that we can always end up with 4! ;-)
so far I've had the first two probably not going to have the 3rd and 4th 
1= breast milk, 2= Cola, 3= beers, 4= hospital patient food that is injected in blood!
I skipped 1st and the 2nd from my diet... and i'm on the third now. :)
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