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Totally agree. My wife can't keep anything on the actual hard drive, she has to save everything to the desktop. Even on my computer - I have to clean up the desktop after she uses the computer, every time.
fact fact fact fact fact ..................................................
girls room is true but not the desktop
false the girls room should look just like the boys room only with more pink. The desktops are correct though.
Nae Nae
oh my google thtz totally FALSE my room isnt even that clean and i HATE the color desktop iz pretty much the same as a dudes.and wat kind a girl needs all those apps.
very True and i agree with u .............
"All generalisations are false, including this one" -- Mark Twain
true! but imma lime green girl. pink aint fit for a band geek:)
True EXCEPT my room is NOT nor ever will be pink
well, the reason behind the scene is that girls have a lot to care about but boys only concern one thing and this thing should be hide somewhere deep in folders...
Never seen a guys room that messy before. Its girls rooms that r messy simply because of the fact the switch outfits all the time
that is funny, i think the boys' room is true but i doubt girls desk top
False! All my kids rooms look like the boy's room and I had two of each!

My desktop is closer to the boy's one and my husband's looks like the girl's desktop!
It means true in japanese i'm airi
No boy live in such messed room at all. But Girls will live in arranged room if and only if they do have boy friend.
not true my desktop is very very busy . but room is true
I think u need to visit a few more girls' rooms
Boys have cooler desktop backgrounds though. And usually lots of games. :)
yes really true i have seen too many ;)
Not for me, I have a Girl's room, boys desktop!
five fingers are not equal........
false ~ coz i got girl's room but boy's desktop xD
Generally speaking, a guys is significantly more customized than that. He doesn't even have Rainmeter installed!
I've heard others refer to this stereotype, but haven't seen much of it myself.
True! but my room is always clean
Well ! Not so right ! Ahahahaha !
Untrue!!!! I tidy that crap up. Hate clutter! And at least I can control the clutter on my desktop!
Switch the two on the left, then it's true.
False... I tend to keep my desktop uncluttered as possible... everything is in a folder or down either side only - 1 row. (^^^)
oh my good thank a lot GOD.....................

i know right! my bro's room compared to mine! yeesh!
Usually the background image on the girl's desktop is over-sized, like a 800x600 boyfriend picture on a wide 1440x900 display :P
no its not tru,nowadays boys are carefull than girls
False. Almost the opposite in my experience.
if that is true, then i know a bunch of gay guys cos everyone I know has the girl's desktop...
Definitely false! You'll never, ever, see a Windows flag on my desktop!
yup correct room is true nt da destop
true but about boys desktop its wrong
boys desktop is not true..................girls is also the same...........
true gurls are mad clean and boys are not;] my fiance's Chrome had over 30 tabs open.....i feel soo sorry for her computer...
I have four boys. The room is right on but the desk top is a little off.
I live in a boys room but she must have switched my desktop lol
I'm a girl and it has always been the opposite for me.
false. I have a girl. that is not her room.
It depends, whether you are standing on your feet or head.
ok the girls room as alot of desktop
Hooray for bigoted gender generalizations. I hear women are also terrible drivers and men think about sex every 7 seconds. Obviously all of these things are true.
NOPE!!!!!!!! I'm a gurl, and my room is like the boys' room, AND my desktop is like the boys' desktop as well!!!!!!!!!!
Are you agree??? That's the funniest thing about this whole post.
False, I definitely have the barren desktop (i like to see my background), and my husband has icons ALL over the place...same with my dad. :p
true, but my friend's brother has the cleanest most organized room i have ever seen
true, but there are always exceptions.......
false. my room is a complete WRECK!!!!! :)
very rue cuz girl get practice
then I should be a boy
i mean very true cuz girl get more practice at tidying up and they r not lazy like men
it is true often when comparing rooms and interiors of cars owned by boys and girls accordingly
someone should point the clean room out to my daughter
Someone should point the clean room out to ME!
no My room is like boy foom But my Dekstop like girl
Truth... thats also the same with cars
It's true of me. I don't need no stinkin mouse shortcuts.
Not true :) My desktop is just the same as my room -> clean.
True. Except the boys desktop would not be running windows. ;)
its true 2 some people am one of them
True-ish, I think it fits most situations, but my room's kinda messy and my desktop's decently organized... that's one thing I can keep organized lol
Nav H.
not with me. clean/clean here.
100 % I agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
My room is like a girls' and my desktop is like a boys
No, I am not agree. My desktop AND my room are in shambles...just the way I like them.
Pretty much exactly wrong for me and my wife.

Now, where are my Hello Kitty pants?
Soooooooo not true for my teenager boy but again for my gilrfriend.. bulleyes
Not at all. I think the vast majority of both boys' and girls' rooms look like the "Boy's room" and the vast majority of both boys' and girls' desktops look like the "Girls' desktop."
My sister's desktop is worse. How she finds anything, I don't know.
I have 4 girls and their rooms look like the Boys Room example and their desktops look like the Girls example. I'm with +Mike Elgan kids are mostly slobs.
Boy's room and girl's desktop for me LOL. all of the stuff on my personal desktop are things I use every day / frequently. My work desktop is another story...
For sure I do not have a Windows logo on my Desktop (nor an Apple behind)
for boys half false because the computer screen would be filled with video games
Completely false boys' room and desktop should be cluttered.
Kinda true but then again false , cause my room - - is'sa - - R E C K ! (;
alse my room is a mess and im a girl and laptops empty
it really depends on the people for my sister it's false but for me it's true and for my brothers it's true.
both my room and my desktop is a mix of both haha
Yeah to girls room,false to boys(my bruvs anywayz) and false false to desktops
I guess Im a boy.... Cuz my room is a mess and my desktop has almost nothing
if it is not 100% true, than it must be 99.99% true. :)
False, I am girl's room boy's desktop. I hate a cluttered desktop
no false, my room is more liable to be messy, i only have two icon's on my desktop.
The desktop I agree, the rooms, not at all! My room is way messier than my brothers
yes, but with girls the desktop short cuts don't look like a chessboard
false in my house the boys room are clean and the girls room is a mess
Never has reality been so vivid graphically.
why is it the opposite with me ^^
Nafaa B
absolutely true.
but both my room and my desktop are a mess (which is why i've hidden all icons)
the computer is mostly too complicated for women
Rey F
Yes Indeed!
"Are you agree" - somebody needs to brush up on his English. grammar nazi. and stop putting stereotypes into computers, it's not even funny.
I are not agree. This stupid are.
Not really. Not all girls like pink and not all girls have a cluttered desktop... Sort out your grammar and your stereotypes and you may improve your life ; )
Haha my desktop is sooo my room is perfect. haha so i guess i put the stereotype to rest.
False, man are actually tidier then girls. Proven.
how is it proven? girls are more sensible, proven. and in my opinion they have to be more tidy's amazing and true :)
haha so true, I don't know how all this stuff piles up on my desktop and I have to change the background like once a week
Wtf...i hate pink and anyway wats wif the desktop...realy? Cars all the way and all thous apps?
Truse about the boys room but false about the boys desktop mine is al messsy think that is the point there getting at that boys room are messy but boys desktop are tidy
Ever see a girls bath room, very nasty
girls room boys desktop
more true than false tho sean! just dont want to admit it!
No I am not agree, I am Anthony. But if I do find Agree, I will be sure to direct him to u.
False! My room looks nothing like that, and if my desktop looked like that I would go crazy!
false my desk top is like the boys up there. my brothers is like the girls. i cant stand a messy desktop
maybe,i am not sure about it....
that is very true but sometimes its like am a boy  u know .... especially the room
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