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It used to be the opposite for me.. But it's kinda like that now.. insane may not describe it.. oh wait, maybe it will..
saw this already. a looong time ago
omg that so me and my friends
Riz Wan
Overhere got to .......?????😏
Only thing that matters is what you think of yourselves.
Lucy L
Why are you telling us this?
1.cover your mouth with your hand
2.whisper a wish into your hand this on three other comments
4.look at your hand
Lucy L
Never mind the comment was deleted
i luv that ima use that
everyone who knows me thinks the last comment on that pic!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :P :P :P :P :) :) LOL......................... my friends told me that they would pay for me to go to a special school...................... i love them!!!!!!!!!!!
this is so true...
So true! Thanks for sharing. 
well if u ever meet me let me know if im anything like this.
"In the south, we do not hide our insanity. We flaunt it!"
omg!! thats completly right about me other than the strangers part
Haha so true!! :)
Strangers think Im shy, and once people actually get to know me, they always told me that their first impression of me was way off, and that I have a good sense of humor! LOL :)
that is soo true for me except the stranger part:)
everyone thinks i'm quiet. But thats when i'm not around my family... but they keep me sain so i love them:) <3<3
i take back that comment i put there earlier. If i know my love life (which i do!) that will never happen. Sad. :(
thanks just completely awesome... but it's so true... lmao
True, but my parents also think i'm quiet...
what a massive contradiction. complete rubbish.
everyone thinks im just plain insane!!! XD
Every body thinks I'm like "The Animal".
everybody thinks im insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's why they're called "best" friends...they know us better than anyone!
True...and even this is true, 'Our every friend today ....was once a stranger...'.
it's important how you think about yourself.
Wow, something that is completely meaningless and applies to everyone. Thanks for sharing.
And then there's me..... Sworn into secretcey about your..... Ummm well I won't go there ;)
zeeshan, umar farooq, dahin khan, afzal saifi, zeeshan ghazi, taiyab qureshi, megha garg, saransh mittal, and many more...
true thing.........................
it seems that you're a Virgo
the greatest events in history are ......have fun and experiment many things i have done on and off computers ...haha yup .....ya only live once people.
Psychologists says that a little bit of insanity is there in everybody. So, don't bother about.Carry on ...
:o my god stop with the fucking chain mail its really annoying that shit dont work
My friends think I am smart...

But my parents think I am stupid and insane...
J.C. this wasn't worth the eye time.
dnt knw abt friends n outgoing but soo agree wth da strangers n bff's :D
So we are here to get to know each other!
My boyfriend simon totally agrees with me! His brother alvin does'nt!
It is quite amazing that someone can know what a stranger thinks.
Who came up with that one

It's really good....
I try to relate this to me or either comprehend, but it seems impossible!
tru that im COMPLETELY the same ;)
Sounds about right.
there is one inside of everyone who knows.
And I'm still looking for who I really am
I can say thats me
around strangers im quiet
people i no but dont get along with im quiet and dont talk
But round my friends Im the loudest and the craziest and the weirdest LOL
Hey, that defines me. hehe :D
There is a pleasure sure,
In being mad, which none but madmen know!
THIS IS me and i will never change...
Your insane cause your x drove you to that!!! :-)
Haha(: That's true(: and I know for a fact that's my lifes status!(:
when u dont know its true .....! everything true untill u dont know...
lol, if u say yes i am that means im not! so shut up and do low self.
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