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Hey what are you looking at?
Mind Your Own Business.
That would be strange. Definately make peeing in a public toilet more enjoyable though.
this is funny coz women r looking,specially that one with glasses
hahahahahahahah....this is very funny,,,, :D
In case you were wondering, it says "if you can read this, you're standing too close!"
i would knock one out and spray it in their faces.
Go there to take a pee, end up being masturbating... Not ideal :)
Great way to hide the cameras
haha ive seen this in box nightclub in belfast not sure if this is where this is
the girl: "is that all what you got....... how pity you are..."
I bet no one would use the 3rd from the left.
that is very interesting
ohhh wow..haha really funny=) how can u pee 4 irritating..
Ar Gon
Hah..! I got saw the girl at somewhere............ -.-'
I saw the pony versionof this picture. It was so much more awesome, and was cloppier.
no it not that is nasty you bicth and fuckin like you
I hope he's not masturbating!
fo real the just uncomfortable looking!! #c'monson
Surprising how happy these women are to be urinated on.
ur profile pic is beast btw
Some kind of advertisement?
that would give me confidence. that would give me nightmares! lol
odd but i would laugh if i saw this IRL
dude if that's the men room then the girl room must be much worse!!!!
how would it be the one for girls?
Leo Sam
exhibitionist toilet
Dude!! We need this at every urinal. 
dude no one care wat u gotta say
I wonder how many men will actually pee on the picture of the lady with the mouth open, instead of the urinal.
hAhA..some place are wired
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