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hahahhhaahhah...very funnnyyyy...million likeeee....!!!
What did the daughter have to say in this matter? Stop treating women as chattel or commodities to be used and traded.
Dad is so wise ^_^
sounds like what they did in olden times with prince and princess type of thing.
I'm really not sure if I can agree or not...
Nepotism is the tip of the iceberg, a mere side effect of the greed and pride that motivates these people when they exploit whole populations to increase their wealth and status, It all evaporates and lacks meaning, so these people are ultimately dissatisfied unless they do something kindly with their wealth, whereas courage and love and dedication endure when all else fails and people who are kind and loving are remembered fondly
have bussiness mind be a bussiness man of world class
This is too old.. do not repeat post
Loooooooool Nahi.. this is old, i can enjoy 3 year in same class
World class Businessman of your Dad.......................
ha ha ha funney picture.. very funney
J Jay
no .. this is called vaiylaya vada sudradu...
Dark.. :(
never mind but it is cooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll :)
v call it bongiiiiii in pk.
helllo yatha r u online?////////

dnt knw gmail chat
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
tnx to all who support me indirectly
Yeah.......this can be done only by an buisness mind.............
imagining how it turned out in the real world giggle... :D
Ashok N
More than 10 years back I got this as a E-Mail fwd. From Hotmail to Google+, the joke is as lame as it was.
an old story, was rockefeller, not gates.
satisfied till joke! this situation is not match in real life..
A fantastic joke but really it teaches you the ethics of business
I think it just presents how people can do their business more effective bases on relationships.
It can led our thought to a new way in expanding power and business coorporation
wat an idea sirji...............LOL....nice 1
b hama
such is life
Morale of the tale; Think high, Be positive and try relentlessly to achieve your target,Things could be difficult but not impossible.
wat goes around comes around..corruption and deciept included: business does not have to be an ethical free zone!
I was about to say: 'politics in action' until I saw the last blue line.
HEY! That is not Business, that is the STATE of Business. Don't hate the game, hate the small fraction of the players that wreck it up for everybody else.
The sad thing is this is probably quite possible...
And who says that the World Bank and numerous U.S. Corporations are NOT corrupted with and / or by exploitation of power -- real or imagined ?
possibly,a business around the world not confined to limited societies.
haha this is hilarious but it is the real world
It'd probably work on anyone but Bill Gates --- but still a funny idea that it would work otherwise.
LOL he lied he told every one something different to get what he wanted that is exactly what we do to get what we want
LOL when these things are disclose in business then you know very well what happened in future . . .
that.. is what we call GENIUSITY!
hi mirza abudakar how are you i just add you as a friend on gmail and me to pls and lets chat
oh lol wow, just like that huh? thats dope
Wiki: Gates married Melinda French on January 1, 1994. They have two daughters, Jennifer Katharine Gates (1996) and Phoebe Adele (2002), and one son, Rory John (1999). I don't think he's letting Jen go at 16. Ashok and Arun got it - it can't be true, forwarded over 10yo and used to be about Rockefeller. 223 of you could read more.
Clever Business............
What n idea sir ji............
Funny Idea, but give me one which is truth in every part every time:)
hahaha...human mentality always looking for better opportunities,so is all about MONEY.
Women rule the world, don`t you see. Who do think it was who thought of this move at first.. The daughter
Shit dz hella smart shws hw da world works around money
they will make up some lame excuse to y they need to let him go jus so they can get the money involved
if marriage is about positions then the world walks in too a deep hole awaiting its death
And too, this is not very nice, I wouldn't want a false story floating around about my family. Are we just jealous or gullible that we'd accept this at face value? Maybe he's been a bit monopolistic but he'd trying to give away half his wealth.
oh my god......tooooo clever....and cunning too.....
wooooooooooooow man that's a good one
ha...ha.......ha.......the men was very clever,
hahahahahahahahahahaha now this shit i like
And when the daughter finds out the son is BS'ing her and cancels the wedding, all the invited relatives who have spent on registries, dresses, plane tickets, and hotels will be left high and dry.

WE are the relatives.
Seen it. This is NOT business, but it's still good.
amazing and learnig to how to contribute to others
I'll be sure to give it a try when I have children of my own.
sanil s
sure u can try, bt dont try bill gates.........
Bri Boo
Funny. Bill Gates has a daughter? Thought he has only two sons.
Although I have read this many times elsewhere but still nice one hey!
Very nice. But I think W. B. President lost his thinking power.
just about the truth -- greed is everywhere!!
The oldest profession at work.
Bill Gates must be an idiot for not knowing the CEO of Wold Bank, I bet he does, the cycle will stop there.
I'm d cousine brother to Bill gate's nephew's son of of uncle's daughter's brother's friend, pls give me a handshake.
Are you saying that all business is built on a foundation of lies?
how about the correlation to the feudal system of royalty marrying for political reasons?...the super-rich big business families are the new royalty....with lobbyists and donations, they truly control our laws/government.
Wow, this is funny,meaningful and thought provoking.
Wrong. Dad lies. When you sell what you don't have is when things go Wrong. Thats what is happening around the whole world today.
We should go back to trading over reality, exchanging only what we posess in order to be respectful towards the rest... Towards life.

We should take this as an example of what has led the world to the current economical, ecological and spiritual crisis.

Please do not imitate neither of the characters of the above story. Be nice guys! =) And have a nice day.
that is very nice business
i lave it
Wasn't going to add all people names but this is how life works. 
that is definitely business of the era.
50 years ago} NO WAY!

Lolling right now. Everybody just looked over at me. awkward....
This is pretty much how it is done in the real world.
That's wheeling and dealing.
And that's how it works !!! LMBO
definitely going on my wall, that is the king of networking!
Yes......this IS business..! Of course......very smart business....!!
that is exactly , making fool of people.....
world bank doesn't work like that, but any private bank will fit the joke.
The real world,people are delegating,it would really be a smart move.
Dude only you know how to make a real business.
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