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Actually, money is the root of all evil...
No money is the root of all kinds of evil (that is many kinds of evil) not all evil. There are lots of evils that don't involve money.
the statement they started from is find a woman u need money? uh are you dating a hooker? D:
it's like you fine a " problem".aren't you?
not all women are like this.
Actually the correct quote is "The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil"....
Therefore bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks.
finding one woman or ten women needs the same time and money, but you can reduce your problem to 10% by investing your time and money for ten women>just think
Where I used to work the old matron used to say time is money when she came into the room
No. It is not a rule but an exception. The general rule is, "wajood-e-zan say hey kaainat mein rang". Meaning by that all colours and beauty of the Universe are due to existence of woman.
Ramzan maulisahaab saitaanow ki bastee mey bayaan deyrey
You instinctively know the answer, but there is nothing like scientific proof (and this is nothing like....).
Just to be picky; the answer, from the premise, should be "Finding a woman = problems", but if money is the root of all EVIL, then finding women is evil. Which, if you are spending money on it, it probably is.
Money is all kinds of evil which means that women are evil
It is not money that is evil. It is its wrong use that leads to evil.
It's funny why do we associate money with women?...if that's the case  that would mean women are like whores..because they do it only for the money. and logic dictates that if women are the problem why do we men sleep with a
ظريفة علم الرياضيات الحديث
lol. but the reality is that if you have money you have a great collection of babes :-)
This is just a lazy ripoff of the "women=evil" equation. 
true but with it you have a great collection of problem's with
Scarcity is the root of all just exacerbates scarcity for we have no idea how much is enough...this is all remedied when we all share a global vision
hahahahaha............................very funny.
That's the best proof I've ever seen.
Take it as a joke, woman.
My wife is better at math than me, so I should have her explain this one.
numerically balanced equation ,of course with assumptions .
Juvenile, chauvinistic smart alec sarcastic defensive humor. Har har.
My answer was 7 did anyone else get that?
Lol that is a load of sexist crap and this post was also copied from somebody else!!!
this is old and its supposed to be women = evil. Way to change it to the suckier version
I agree, dis 1 species is difficult to understand they r lyk da tides difficult to solve;)
And money is not how I got my girlfriend I got it for being good looking and funny
Feel bad pointing out that time and money would actually be written as:  Time + Money.... but I suppose if you did it right the math wouldn't work. Meh.
So how do I downvote that shit or otherwise stop it from appearing in my Google+ feed?
Woman = Evil, does not factor in the in the uncertainty principle, in that the author of the formula is undoubtedly a breeding male and was uncertain of being cut off if his formulation was traced back to him by his significant other.
Time and Money (Time + Money) ≠ Time x Money
can't argue with a good solid math equation
Doesn't take math to figure that out.....
Actually its not money but rather for the love of money is the root of evil.
if  women  = problems. why do we still go after  them?
because we like to solve them.
Don't need math to figure that one out. If you have a woman, you have problems. And a constant headache
I AGREE! not just women, girls, girls are problem, i dun care if it's a 3 year old, seven year old, or whatever, a word to disgribe them, annoying
The LOVE OF money is the root of problems. So this equation needs an amendment.
Thanks for sharing
"women=problems" is true if and only if 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 are all true.
Not the money are evil, but the wish to have more and more money. That's evil. And when you have to much money you want power, and so on. Money is like any object, like a knife or internet. Depends how you use it. 
Money is the main root but it can lead to evil 
Exactly! True Equation You Made :P
I just know there is a formula like
I try....
Tôi cũng ko biết như thế nào nữa. hic :p
3 stupid stages of life!

Have Time + Energy...but No Money

Have Money + Energy...but No Time

Have Time + Money...but no Energy
the women is the half of the nation and she bears  the other half.
Hey that is so funny guys, were do you find this stuff? xx
it can very well be the other way around also
I guess if you couch any inanity with a pseudo-mathematical formula, people will think it's correct and profound.
Time and money would be + not x.
I thought it was the love of money is the roof of all evil? 
 Money = SQRT(Evil) -> Woman = Evil
@Karl Stokes you good bro! Your explanation was on point. Because lets face it a lot of girls will do anything for a dollar. 
munju s
wrong wrong wrong
No man live without problem, i love problem
[takes off sun glasses] DEAR GOD!....
Very interesting equation. Stirs up lots of. Conversation, looking forward to some sane. Answers. Lol

ITS too real i guess Einstein made that great formula.....loool.
best math equation ever

just kidding
Ah! "Woman = Problem". But still everyone loves to keep this problem in life.

in second step you should replace time to money and then in 4th step we have "time solve all the problems"   so in the end we have   "woman=happiness" :D
the LOVE or lusting after money is the problem
No woman = no cry... to paraphrase Bob Marley. 
yes thats great and answers so many people's problems
Hence Proved! Woman = Problem and Women = Problems
if we're talking about maths,we're talking about that.
sooo not right, we are the answer to problems, lol
Question is not if its right or wrong, just goes to show how our thoughts
LoL. Obviously doesn't have a woman tho. :)
Money is the root of all evil therefore women are the the root of evil... I like this much more than problems. 
... This is only based on people whom have had the opportunity to experience such a woman.. so I can concur with this equation because I have lived this and she was nothing BUT PROBLEMS....

Bravo o'l chap!! Thank you for proof.
To be correct, it is the love of money that is the root or beginning of all evil. Love is the key word not money!
therefore: women=evil
Problem solved! Lol 
A typical paranoid chauvinistic view!!
A man is in need of a woman, even for his very birth also! He is the root of all her problems,... childbirth is the 2nd life for a woman, yet she gleefully accepts the death aspect, YET THE VERY MAN :P GLADLY abandons her!!.. Gratitudeless beasts men are!! anyway.... it is a man's world... so, can't fight with the crocodiles when one has to live in waters!!
This is so old, I remember seeing this on the '90's on some website.
Yep! ....honey....
I know the wag who originally wrote this; it's been altered! Boo Hiss! The correct outcome is that women are evil. Theorem worked out by a man who adores women.

And it's The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil. Money is fine. Security and comfort are good! It's the greed and power hungryness that do damage. 
I see and error in your equation.  Probably due to all that nasty feminization of males and their jokes.   Women = Evil.  

+Lizzy Richardson "I know the wag who originally wrote this......" ..... and it's not conceivable that multiple people had similar ideas independently?  ;-)
women are worth twice so you need $10 to take out a $5 HO!
You can say anything you want, but how do men think they came into the world?
I never believe in this mathematics or what ever it is... I believe in the word of God that it is not good for the man to be alone 
I don't's worth it!
All it is down to simply paper. Easy to lose and burn or tear. As for evil it not the paper. It the idea of what we put are attention for that purpose Good or bad its what we learn from it through others it is sad To say what this nation is now" make money to live or die.
yah actually that is very essay question for modern people....and it has a gud answer....:D
Conversely = Find "a woman" as opposed to find "my match" is a different algorithm.
At #4, apply the JayZ variant where problems is 99
Women then is 33.
Start away at that age. Lol.

+Amna Ahmed  have to agree with you .... But women do make for some interesting situations for men  
Ruben S
Sadly in our society ...many woman make it seem that u need to be "financially" secure in order to consider dating a man....not all woman are the same but sure seems like it..!
As somebody mentioned it, this is a gay logic. A real man will win a woman's heart, but not thru money...
The love of money is the root of all evil, not money itself. To find a woman, money is not always involved.
Have you seen a broke guy with his right woman, it counts sometime but not all the time.
not if you have the right one
I know it's just a joke, but this thing falls apart at the first step. "X requires Y" is not the same thing "X = Y". Also, "Time and Money" would be addition, not multiplication. A math joke should at least get the math right, otherwise it's not very funny or clever.
finally...a mathematical equation i fully understand...hehehe
Could use a different equation to prove men equal problems.
Well I think everyone love money. Not just women only.
Money is every things soo leave woman and love money. If money is in pocket we enjoy every where and anythings
If women is a promblems. I think men also like this too
I agree with you Skyler. A woman wants love not money, that's if they are true.
I got 99 problems but math aint one!
Oh my! That's one way of getting you post on the "what's Hot" feed.
I don't know what's funniest: the result of the equation; the fact that some man might agree with the statement; or tgat they are happy with just includding only two variables. It is the same as saying: living=food+water.
Very funny and kinda true...
no, the love of money is the root to all evil
Mother.. as not thought of that before?
Fails on the logical fallacy of point 1, if you need money to find a woman you're doing it wrong :-)
Ugh, Grandpa, I know it's you! Stop forwarding your jokes from the 1940's!
If you don't have sex in the first place, you won't get addicted to it, so you wouldn't  have a child, so you don't need to get married, so you save time and money, and live a better live, only without sex, which is possible if you don't have a first time in sex!
Its the love of money that is the root of all evil.
Wait, so you need women and women to find women, only to cause womens? wtf
Thereby Mathematical supporting Jay-Z's assertion that of his 99 problems, none which are a women,

or perhaps that as woman=problems, then logically problems=woman.  That he is an absolute liar, and that all his problems are, by transitive property, women.
The problem here is the equality operator--it changes in meaning from 'you need' to 'is equivalent to'.  
You cant just square one side without squaring the other. And that would unfortunately, (or fortunately), give you woman squared equals problems. Which doesn't seem right. More like square root woman equals plus/minus problems.
the LOVE of money is the root of all evil
Well I like all these thoughts of yours but I think you are missing the point here and not being fair to women, simply becos if  you keep to yourself no woman will give you troubles. Tanx.
Actually, the Love of money is the root of all evil.
Spend more time with your lady = less problems....
Time and Money = Time + Money (mathematicians say words like "times", "by", etc. for multiplication). It unravels from there.

Bad math = problems.
Woman =time+money but man =time gentlmen please +taxi + wallet
Wrong again! The LOVE of MONEY is the root of whatever evil.
Abraham, Job, Salomon, they were very, very rich.
Huma El
And y didn't square both sides?? So it's wrong lool
I got 99 Problems but a math equation ain't one!
Sexist, stupid, idiotic.  If you are wondering why you have poor relations with women, study the graphic carefully.  It is possible (though unlikely) that your problem may dawn on you...
Equation is perfect. But the answer is not exact. The answer should be minus(-) and plus(+) problems. That means a woman can create problems or take away problems.
this equation is just the trig of it... the calculus of it must include the 'it ain't gonna suck its self' variable.... Or the end result will lead to carpel tunnel and chaffing.

Heterosexuals are not permitted to ask their beer drinking buddies  to help them with calculus.

Just sayin'
Omg !!! I just saw the light of truth !! @.@ 
Find a women that will date a man with no income 
so women are the root of all evil
I THINK U JUST DOUBLED MY IQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually it's the LOVE of money is the root of all evil
Men needs women, so men needs problems lol... without Women Men is nothing.... lol
The word 'and' implies addition. The word 'of' implies multiplication. Also, money itself is not a problem, many of the people who use it make it a problem.
hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur saying thing that aren't true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's maths and maths wouldn't lie to us, would it?
I just now noticed... woman = annoying, so money would be annoying/2... so lets get rid of money. With other words: give your money to me!
I kinda agree with that.. but whateva, I love problems.. ;p
actually on number 5 you would have to square the woman which would make:
2 women = problem
get it
The equation above is avoidable if you treat them right and have constant mutual understanding. It goes both ways these days.....
Nice Equation....You absolutely RIGHT...."Woman=Problems"
To FIND a woman all you need to do is look on the street and there one is. Beyond that, well... I doubt you'd succeed on this philosophy.
Obviously graded by a male teacher who had a bad relationship.
I have neither money nor time. Yet troubles always get to get in. So i guess il stay single until I can handle the problems
This is too funny...cant argue with the maths
Actually, money is not the root of all evil, it's the miss use of money that's the root of all evil!
lol. So showing this to my calculus teacher next year.
well if you can't argue with math...
1 To find a guy you need time and boobs
2 Time is needed for breast implants
    Breast implants x 2=money
3 Therefore
    Guy=(money) to the second power
4 Money is the root of all problems
     Money = square root of all problems
5 Therefore
     Guy= (square root of problems) to the second power
6 Simplify
7 Guy=Problems
If women = problems... I'm the most self destructive man on the planet...
Money is not the root of problems or evil, it is the love of money that is the root. Not just money, but the love (obsession) of any thing is the issue; drugs, alcohol, work, internet, exercise, etc. 
I hate how misquoted this one always is. "the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil". Money isn't bad lol.
Remember what zsa zsa gabor said: "when a man is single, he's incomplete; after he's married, he's finished". I always liked her...
Lmfao so true! But you gotta have a woman in your life. The benefits far outweigh the problems. 
this is definitely true.we need tym to b together.
If you just accept the fact that women are always right, all of your problems would be "subtracted" from the equation!
moneyXwomen=problems=solution at t same time, but nowomen(formen)=nolove
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