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Bernie Greene
Let's face it. I'm a portrait photographer based in London. Private, corporate and artists of all kinds
Let's face it. I'm a portrait photographer based in London. Private, corporate and artists of all kinds

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I'm looking to connect with anyone who considers themself to be a libertarian as well as an artist of any type. Any part of the world is okay. Get in touch for some ideas on some projects we might create.

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If you are a visual artist and you are making a living with your art I would be very interested in connecting with you. If there is a group of visual artists who are, or who aspire to, make a living with their art then I would like to join it. So if you know of either of these please let me know.

I'm interested in successful actions. You don't need to have your name in the brightest lights out there or be a multi-millionaire but if you are at the very least making a living you are doing something right.

Hey there. I'm an artist from London, England and would like to connect with other liberty minded people here, and most especially with liberty minded creatives and/or business people who may want to collaborate in helping to get the word out.

Hi there. This sounds like a good idea.

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Trey Ratcliff came to London two or three years ago and I went to meet him along with a few dozen others down on the South Bank of the Thames. I shot this image and somehow managed to neglect it until a few days ago. Then by an amazing coincidence Trey released a video today that shows this exact moment from another viewpoint by another tog and shows me shooting this image. So in honour of that I post this.

Doesn't ANYONE have something to say about cs6?

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I've been having a particularly quadrennial day today.

If you're not a developer this probably won't mean a lot. In fact even if you are it may not mean much... but.
It took me 11 years but I have finally forgiven Microsoft for the way they screwed their developer customer base over the trashing of VB6. I have come to love dot net.
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