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It's not stupid, it's advanced!
It's not stupid, it's advanced!


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To field or not to field
or yet another EXO5 Controller SitRep

501 Fields (I accidentally created one Field with the surroundings in the beginning)
8990 MU built and flipped
320 Keys farmed over the course of one week
60+ Jarvis wasted
13 fields per flipbuild.
Countless random force closes of the Ingress app
2h of flipping, linking, fielding and flipping

ntl;wr (not too long, wanna read)
I actually did not want to participate in this fielding frenzy. I haven’t made any fields that month, I have created ~3800 fields in 5 years of playing. I prefer to destroy rather than build up.
But several of my friends talked about the badge (as usual) and their progress. So I thought “Ah what the heck. Get a smart plan, farm some keys… Can’t be that hard”
Said, done. First plan involved keyfarming for 30 portals and required about 30 SBUL. Wait. SBUL. How many of these buggers do I actually have? Oh crap… none.
Next plan. No SBUL required and I can actually farm keys on my way to work and back. And since I was still having an after-anomaly-inventory the farming should not be an issue. (I have rarely been that wrong in my life)
I recycled about 200 old Keys from my keylockers to actually keep farming and after one week and about 20 spent VRHS I managed to get all the keys.

Now what? Yeah, just wait until the frogs clean the area and start building everything up.
Well, after three days, including a weekend nothing happened. Olten was blue and P7. Should I abort? Should I just do it after tuesday? Nah… Just flip all the portals \o/

Thanks to +Claudio Soppelsa and +Dampfer ECKE I had enough Jarvis to flip my area twice.

So D-Day came closer. Sunday evening at around 10pm I started clearing my area of the links. I assume I destroyed more blue than all the frogs did the past two weeks around here.
+Zornige Zornklinge helped me by telling me which portals I had already flipped and which portals I should do next. And just before midnight i created my 500th and 501st fields. Enough fields created for the next few years, I guess.

Conclusion: farming 40 keys each from 8 portals sucks. Linking and fielding is somewhat fun, if you have a plan and mid-October nights are way too warm nowadays (I was out in t-shirt and shorts)

#EXO5 #Ingress #ithoughtiwasretired
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Fungie 😍 and MU 😍
Great Job! Was nice to watch it unfold!
Operation Fungie

Fielding over Dublin, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and half the UK
300 million mu
9.3 million a layer
Additional sea fields to Netherlands


First, draw a triangle. Next find a group of people who don’t call you crazy when you show them the lanes. I can draw triangles all day, this one has been in mind for a while. This time I was lucky to find an incredible crew of intel, cleaners and field agents willing to make it come to life.
Straight through wales? Okaaaaay. Fly past Blackpool? Should be fine. Inches from hyperactive frog home portals? Blocks out of Alton Towers? Loads of new (and some embarrassingly old) agents getting their illuminators? Why not. Key swaps took place at Stockholm anomaly and IngressFS Norwich. @SolKovax thoroughly optimised the lanes and we were good to go.

For me it was a dream to work with this crew. I would say they were almost professional, albeit in a very unprofessional way. My questions before the op were ‘is this sort of thing still doable?’, ‘Do I still love it?’, ‘Is it still fun?’, ‘Do we still have awesome teams and dedicated agents in res?’ And yes. To all of those. Yes, I know I am bad at retirement.

Field up!

Special mentions for
Team Ireland. @NovoC who managed all the deploying and linking in Dingle solo, to allow more agents to be in cars on the lanes. Jamieson was the only rational way to celebrate his onyx illuminator. @Falconire and @MadMarlow for playing cat and mouse with ENL during the nail biting final few minutes! Agents were travelling roads so narrow, two sheep could not pass each other. @Irishgeezah for coming through at the last second against Kerry ENL, letting the fields come up.
Team Cumbria who always go the extra mile, with @MalginGT masterminding some sea control in a nightmarish area
Totally dedicated Team Yorkshire, who pulled an all nighter to assure blue skies and plenty of mu for @JKG5150 and @tinylily on Holy Island, Northumberland. Tiny got five of her Exo5 controller fields at nearly ten million mind units a go. She reckons she might stop there!
Team Wales @RobertABT and friends for making a tricky lane imperceptible to the opposition and providing masterful guidelinks as well as thinking through all eventualities. Robert even got a liberator badge!
Team Northern Ireland for helping out at short notice, hiding their clearance under the guise of levelling up an agent! @UncleAndy99 @MrBurtman @Scorpiogirl
Team Cromer for their split second timing in linking and deploying whilst Ireland was under attack, from the Blue Skies cafe in Cromer!
Team Netherlands @handleiding @chiisaikuma @Dennixx @lizaem for making the whole thing more beautiful with some Netherlands layers, and grabbing illuminators in the process
Team Intel for keeping us motivated and highly amused during proceeding @cuznatch on dispatch @riftintime on coordination @thegrimsqueaker @GreySm0ke
Team Scotland @kblackie90 for expertly managing an ENL home portal

Thanks to everyone for another awesome #IngressFamily day!

Agent name Role Area

CitizenSmurf Cromer team Norfolk
Aquachippy Cromer Team Norfolk
linky36 Cromer Team Norfolk
Lhuth Cromer Team Norfolk
Malgin Clearance Cumbria
NovoC Fielding Dingle
Elle2808 Intel East Midlands
Marmots Clearance East Midlands
Ghatti Clearance East Midlands
Rickness666 Clearance East Midlands
TigousCatous Clearance East Midlands
EdJonesy Clearance East Midlands
Thundasosage Clearance East Midlands
Ginger2zero Clearance East Midlands
silfrhaeror Clearing Irish Midlands
WEZEW clearing /planning Irish Midlands
Ekul Blocking Irish Midlands
Ezembe Clearing Irish Midlands
B34STY Clearing Irish Midlands
Rachrae Planning and Clearing Irish Midlands
Cuznatch Intel Jennifurious's desk
BlueReplicant Clearing Killarney
Irishgeezah Clearing Killarney
handleiding Clearing Netherlands
chiisaikuma Planning and clearing Netherlands
Dennixx Clearing/blocking/planning NL fields Netherlands
lizaem Clearing/linking Netherlands
thegrimsqueaker Intel Netherlands
GoonerJ Clearing North Cork
dingatron Clearing North East Ireland
mrsdingatron Clearing North East Ireland
beomunky Clearing North England
quaint Clearing North England
petersoprano Clearing North England
SomebodyOrOther Clearing North England
MadMarlow Clearing North Kerry, Ireland
MadLenne Clearing North Kerry, Ireland
UncleAndy99 Clearing Northern Ireland
MrBurtman Clearing Northern Ireland
Scorpiogirl Clearing Northern Ireland
SolKovax Clearing, Optimisation NorthWest England
Omoi09 Clearing NorthWest England
kblackie90 Clearance Scottish Borders
NormanMonkton Clearance Shropshire
MaxKappell Clearing, Intel SouthEast Ireland
Break Clearance Stafford
DocZen Clearance Stafford
Jimnicebutdim Clearing Wales
Antpirc clearing Wales
Yrunigun clearing Wales
RobertABT clearing Wales
WILLI6 Clearing West of Ireland
Falconire Clearing West of Ireland
R0guetrooper Clearing Wexford / Wicklow
Micky link optimisation Switzerland
sjhill Clearing Alton Towers
OfficerDibble Clearing Alton Towers
mimtwin draw triangle, guide links

+Andrew Krug +Anne Beuttenmüller +Christine Jeffery +Walter van Rijswijk +Brian Peterson +Viona Senke +Connor Tumbleson +Gene C +João Oliveira +Camila Arias +Daniel van Os +Samantha Graham +Cutie Pie BeetlePie +TAICHI YT +Agent KodamaSmiles
+Hilda Leung +Haerang Dong

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Don't know what to say about that. It is weird when you know the person that is in trouble. If you happen to have some leftover money or if you are just into Ingress swag (I have been told the Items are not that easy to come by)
Hey friends! +Iris Garcia​ needs our help! Hurricane Maria hit two weeks ago, but the situation in Puerto Rico continues to deteriorate. Please consider donating to her GoFundMe to help her family and neighborhood recover. Every $10 donation is considered a raffle ticket towards the Ingress swag unicorn of your choice. For example, have you ever seen a platinum RotC v1 coin before? See the campaign for that and other awesome swag prototypes never seen online until now!

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Preparing for the afterparty with a great dinner! DreamTeam #Stockholm!
First time with +Heidi Busch

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Team16 all together! Now preparing some fields! 😏

#13MagnusReawakens #Stockholm #Ingress

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Those bald bearded guys with glasses just keep looking classy!
#13MagnusReawakens #Ingress #BBwG #Stockholm
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Team 16, with the infamous Öcher Einhörner from the +Resistance Aachen
Looking good in #Stockholm


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Team 16, the VVV part! Just scored a shard!
Verwegene Villen Vereinigung!

#13MagnusReawakens #Stockholm

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Norwegians, Swedes, Lithuanians... So many nations playing together to win the shard game! Great effort guys!

#13MagnusReawakens #Stockholm

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Team 16, the #BBwG part at securing volatile portals!

#13MagnusReawakens #Stockholm
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