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It's not stupid, it's advanced!
It's not stupid, it's advanced!


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There seems to be a new quest in Pokemon Go. Not sure what it is about though 🤔

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0 to 40M AP in (almost) no time. Congratulations +Simon Sollberger

Sitrep SimonOnSpeed - Kurzfassung
Sitrep SimonOnSpeed - Summary
(For English see below)


“From Zero to Hero" - Speed Leveling von L1 auf L16 in Total 52 Stunden.

Ein Team aus etwa 30 Resistance Agenten hatte sich nach fast 3 Monaten harten Vorbereitungen am 29.06.2018 getroffen und den Weltrekordversuch SimonOnSpeed durchgeführt.

In diesen 3 Monaten Vorbereitung wurden gemeinsam mit vielen Resistance Agenten aus ganz Europa über 1500 SoftBank-Ultralinks und über 400 JARVIS Viren zusammengetragen!
Die notwendigen 16000 Schlüssel wurden in dieser Vorbereitungszeit von einer handvoll Agenten mehrmals wöchentlich gesammelt und bei diversen teilnehmenden Agenten zwischengelagert.

Das Event-Ziel, einen Agenten innert 40 Stunden von L1 auf L16 zu bringen, wurde in effektiv 52 Stunden vollzogen. Trotz unzähligen Ghost Fields und den daraus resultierten Zwangspausen, wurde das Ziel durchgehend motiviert angegangen und so wurden innert 3 Tagen über 40 Millionen AP generiert!

Wir, die Organisation von "SimonOnSpeed" möchten uns bei allen teilnehmenden Agenten und grosszügigen Mods Spendern bedanken. Gemeinsam wurde ein Event realisiert, welches ohne ein Zusammenspiel nicht funktioniert hätte!
Dieser Dank gilt auch allen lokalen Enlightened Spielern, welche sich über die Zeit des Events aus Respekt zurückgehalten haben, ohne dass dies im Voraus mit Enlightened abgesprochen wurde.

Link zum Gesamtbericht Deutsch:

Link zu allen Bildern:



"From Zero to Hero" - Speed Leveling from L1 to L16 in 52 Hours.

A team made up with about 30 Resistance Agents met up on the 29th of June 2018 in order to try and create a world record called SimonOnSpeed after about 3 Months of crazy and hard preparations.

In these 3 Months agents over the whole europe were asked in order to collect over 1500 SoftBank-Ultralinks and over 400 JARVIS Viruses!
The needed 16000 Keys were collected by a handful of agents who met up multiple times a week to collect and farm them. These keys ended up in other agents accounts in order to store them.

The goal was to level an agent from 1 to 16 within 40 hours, this goal was managed in 52 hours. Even though we had a ton of ghost fields and the forced breaks that came out of them, we were still motivated to reach our goal, no matter what happens. This is why we managed to gain over 40 Million AP within 3 days.

We, the organization from “SimonOnSpeed”, would like to thank every single Agent that helped us reach this crazy goal and to every single donated Mod that we needed. Together we managed to create an event, that would have never been able to work if it wasn’t for our teamwork!
This thank you also reaches out to our local Enlightened Agents, who decided to keep themselves and their scanners away during this period out of respect for the event. This happened spontaneously and wasn’t set up before the event.

Link to the full report english:

Link to all pictures:
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Thanks +Ingress for my participation medal.
Thanks for taking away the source of popcorn for so many agents.
Thanks for not understanding the dynamics of your own game.

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At some point I thought "why didn't I leave that stupid TG when I had the chance"

I am happy that everything turned out well!
So… according to our Vanguards, the beautiful town of Lucerne, Switzerland has been chosen for a #DarkXMCure Resistance Linkstar for Saturday, March 24th 2018 (DarkXM phase 1, day 2).

Lucerne is a rather small city (~80k) and the number of players in the area is not very big compared to more urban areas. Also, with preparation time of less than a week, it was decided right away, that this operation needs the support of Resistance agents from all over Switzerland. The location of the town in the blue/green Ingress landscape and the distribution and play style of the local frogs also suggested, that this has to stay as secret until the very last stage of planning. Frogs like to cover Lucerne with green layers every now and then, and could have easily prevented a link start if they did that again.

Stealth key farming on the green L7 target started right away. No hack mods could be used, so it was 2 or 3 visits per day for 4 hacks each visit. The two key farmers eventually farmed 130 keys, which was considered more than enough for 50+ links.

The strategy was to start the action as late as possible, in order to not allow the enemy any reaction time. Until Saturday 15:50, nothing on intel or scanner suggested, that there was a major operation going on with more than 30 agents keeping quiet and getting themselves into position. (However, a local agent on a sneaky side-quest successfully lured away the main enemy force from the city.)

15:50 the action started. Portals were flipped and links thrown. The 50 minimum links were up in no time. At the time of the measurement, 137 links were recorded. None of the enemy forces were in town when the action started and of course they did not make it back there in time either.
Also the parallel operation in Zürich might have helped keeping frogs busy and not draw any attention to Lucerne.

Big thanks to everyone involved (and also those who were willing to be involved if needed)!



Key Farming:

@Micky (field)
@MissLegat (intel)
@RepotonBoxing (intel)

Field Agents:
… and some more last minute joiners.

#DarkXMCure #Resistance #Lucerne #IRZS #SwissCavalry #LeistungGezeigt
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Handling your playerbase

A step-by-step guide

Step 1) Niantic develop a highly competitive game with information available on enemy activity, where real world costs are incurred as part of gameplay
Step 2) Niantic allows spoofers free rein to destroy the work of agents in Ingress, letting them affect mega fields, hard to access anchors, connected cells and even anomaly scores for years
Step 3) Players ask Niantic for help, Niantic ignores their requests and fails to ban obvious spoofers #solved
Step 4) Players develop sophisticated tools superior to those of Nia to tell clearly who is spoofing, using information Nia leaves freely available but says not to use
Step 5) Niantic take advantage of the information gathered by agents to make the trusted reporter programme effective, happily turning a blind eye to where the information comes from
Step 6) Niantic freaks out when one of the scrapers is outed, and removes the trusted reporters
Step 7) Niantic take legal action against the one scraper they have information on due to a player investigation
Step 8) Spoofers and other scrapers continue

Pathetic. If you did your job, +NIA Ops, none of this would be needed.
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The fundraiser for +Iris Garcia in Puerto Rico has raised $1227, which is awesome! Thank you all who have participated.

Our goal is $5000, and I know as a community we can make that work. For every $10 you give, I consider that a raffle ticket towards our swag packs, which have grown in size.

Pack 1: Iris’s platinum RotC coin V1 (one of a kind) , plus one set of every past RotC including coins V1 & V2, 1 brass spyglass, 1 sundial compass

Pack 2: One set of every past RotC including coins V1 & V2, 1 brass spyglass, 1 sundial compass, 1 sandclock/hourglass, 1 brass lamp (prototypes of upcoming RotC pieces of eight)

Pack 3: One set of every past RotC including coins V1 & V2, 1 brass spyglass, 1 sundial compass, Klue badge 2016

Pack 4: Coin pack: Tater Bug Love silver coin, Midnight edition Via Noir Chicago coin, Yankee Coin, Silver Essex Coin, Blob Coin

Pack 5: Klue badge 2016, Shonin pin, GORUCK bio card, one of everything for your faction from

See the full list here as well as how many tickets have been claimed for each category:

Please consider giving to her campaign. For those of you who aren't familiar with Iris, she is Ingress Resistance and has made huge contributions to Ingress. She's now taking her influence and hard working spirit to Puerto Rico, taking care of the less fortunate around her. She has recounted to us amazing and heartbreaking stories of elderly neglect, the struggle to clear the roads yet also keeping people safe, bringing critical patients to their dialysis, declining morale and suicide, delayed surgeries, working with the banks and gas stations to fulfill temporary and long term needs. Among it all, the devastating chore of tracking down friends and family members with broken signal and crippled cell towers. They have survived with dwindling water and food supplies in a cash-only environment amidst social chaos and looting.

Iris has really stepped up. She has sought out and helped the forgotten elderly in her neighborhood, bringing them food and water, helped the local nursing homes get water to their residents, kept up the morale of the local children (her students) by holding activities at their gym, and helped organize their bank systems to get much-needed cash to the residents.

100% of funds will go directly to Iris Garcia to assist in the rebuilding of her family and local community.
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/rick roll
Hangouts is back to being the coolest chat client:

/roll 8d4
Daniel rolls 8d4 and gets 15. [ 4 2 1 2 1 1 3 1 ]
/roll bob
Daniel tries to "/roll bob" but confuses Google. Try "/roll 3d6+2" instead.
/roll rick

:D :D :D
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Mission Day Leipzig

#ObsidianVienna Swag just suits well!
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Well written. Thank you +Ruth Shepherd​ for these words.
Regarding the recent RIOT/Broker's Guild uproar:

One of the most interesting aspects of Ingress for me has always been its community. With a staff that was often quiet in the face of issues, and an unclear TOS, players often took things into their own hands to create an environment where they felt safe and felt they had a modicum of control. Whether that meant creating IITC to make the intel map usable, or creating swag to fill the gap there (international shipping JUST became a thing, five years later), tools and resources were created by the players to fill the logical gaps within Ingress that remained.

Throughout, there also flowed a community sense of what was cheating and what was not. Players began making their own rules, whether in line with the TOS or not: Spoofing is bad, but IITC-use and draw tools isn't. Player-tracker was frowned upon, but tolerated. Apps were created to help players learn how to memorize glyphs, and apps were created to fully trace glyphs so little effort was needed for farming. Communities created things like SOP and RESWUE to assist in anomalies and big ops. Apps that tracked the players (opt-in) that had installed the apps and were participating in that operation, so it was clear who was closest to drop a link or hold a portal down for an incoming shard.

Along the road, some of the quieter-known programs like IITC were becoming more popular, and there was some push-back from Ingress purists, saying that these apps were breaking TOS. Through that, the #intelisnotacrime movement began. It became known that some Niantic staff and POCs used IITC. It also became widely known that the big operations that Niantic liked to celebrate, reshare and feature were impossible without the tools that were against their TOS. Niantic knew this. Nothing was said, and nothing was done. Certain staff mentioned a few times to players in confidence that unless it's really pounding the servers, Niantic didn't care, but officially wouldn't give their consent.

Data scraping happens, by both factions. It's been a fact in this game for years now, even if different sides misrepresent this fact. If you've ever asked your anomaly Operator when a portal was last flipped, or reshared a giga-field post, you are benefiting from scraped intel. The darker side of data scraping is, of course, guardian hunting -- a sometimes malicious form of PvP that a lot of agents enjoy. I personally hate scraped hunting and have been quite outspoken about it, but I try to understand why when people that I respect partake in this. I will not partake in it myself, however, and that is my line I have drawn in the sand.

I also draw a line at mule accounts, gear buying, and spoofing. As do most of the Ingress community.

This community has chosen to accept certain actions, and deny certain actions, based on the progression of Ingress, the circumstances we work under, and social pressures. Our morality has become fluid, and it's difficult to find anyone who works 100% on the 'white' side of pure Ingress. Someone who chooses to not benefit from TOS violations, whether directly or indirectly.

The Ingress community also values intelligence, and those who can make things work. It values the 'secret agent' intel game, decoding, breaking things down to see how they work, disassembling the apk to unlock its secrets, creating new and innovative ways to win anomalies with new apps and ways to beat the system. It's part of what is glorious and so exciting about this game.

What's also become exciting for some in an antagonistic culture is counter intel, finding out what the other side is doing 'wrong' or 'illegally', even when their own house isn't clean, and making sure the entire world knows about it. Crying foul and pointing fingers. I find this part a bit sad, as it doesn't rise us up as a community, but tears us down.. but sometimes it's too good to see the faults of your opponents and bring them to their knees, isn't it? Expose them for the 'cheaters' you have always known they were, deep down? Human nature, raging through the best of our intentions.

The truth is, people use data scrapers for different reasons. Some, truly, are using it to catch spoofer actions that could not be caught without it. That doesn't mean that they don't know they're dabbling in the 'dark arts'. White hats will always have that moral struggle. And some will use these tools and information for more personal grudges, and the joy of griefing those who hold guardian portals. You don't have to agree with any of it -- nor do you have to immediately report those who use data scraping intel in order to be a clean player yourself.

The thing is, Niantic knows who the Vanguards are. They know what it takes to be deep enough to be on the pulse of the community and know what's happening in Ingress. They know that to be that committed, they are using tools that break TOS, whether good-intentioned or not. And where there are positions seen as a privilege or power like the Vanguards (whether that 'power' exists or is just perceived), there will always be those seeking to tear those people down.

If you've been struggling with the recent accusations being thrown around, I hope you will take these words into consideration. I hope you will treat those who have been judged so harshly with grace and try to understand them, instead of tearing them down further.

TL;DR: Matthew 7:12 - So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.
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To field or not to field
or yet another EXO5 Controller SitRep

501 Fields (I accidentally created one Field with the surroundings in the beginning)
8990 MU built and flipped
320 Keys farmed over the course of one week
60+ Jarvis wasted
13 fields per flipbuild.
Countless random force closes of the Ingress app
2h of flipping, linking, fielding and flipping

ntl;wr (not too long, wanna read)
I actually did not want to participate in this fielding frenzy. I haven’t made any fields that month, I have created ~3800 fields in 5 years of playing. I prefer to destroy rather than build up.
But several of my friends talked about the badge (as usual) and their progress. So I thought “Ah what the heck. Get a smart plan, farm some keys… Can’t be that hard”
Said, done. First plan involved keyfarming for 30 portals and required about 30 SBUL. Wait. SBUL. How many of these buggers do I actually have? Oh crap… none.
Next plan. No SBUL required and I can actually farm keys on my way to work and back. And since I was still having an after-anomaly-inventory the farming should not be an issue. (I have rarely been that wrong in my life)
I recycled about 200 old Keys from my keylockers to actually keep farming and after one week and about 20 spent VRHS I managed to get all the keys.

Now what? Yeah, just wait until the frogs clean the area and start building everything up.
Well, after three days, including a weekend nothing happened. Olten was blue and P7. Should I abort? Should I just do it after tuesday? Nah… Just flip all the portals \o/

Thanks to +Claudio Soppelsa and +Dampfer ECKE I had enough Jarvis to flip my area twice.

So D-Day came closer. Sunday evening at around 10pm I started clearing my area of the links. I assume I destroyed more blue than all the frogs did the past two weeks around here.
+Zornige Zornklinge helped me by telling me which portals I had already flipped and which portals I should do next. And just before midnight i created my 500th and 501st fields. Enough fields created for the next few years, I guess.

Conclusion: farming 40 keys each from 8 portals sucks. Linking and fielding is somewhat fun, if you have a plan and mid-October nights are way too warm nowadays (I was out in t-shirt and shorts)

#EXO5 #Ingress #ithoughtiwasretired
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