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Just an ordinary guy extraordinarily blessed
Just an ordinary guy extraordinarily blessed

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I always forget about G+. I've got to try updating this more.

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Memphis folk, submit a question and tune in!
Discussion of various topics relating to Memphis and Mid-South weather and social media with #TeamMWN  (+Patrick luckett and +William Churchill) and regular guests +John Maddox and +Daniel Gafford.

Every time I resolve myself to post over here, after one post I just forget.

So to recap the last 36 hours: Youngest starts throwing up at 9:30pm Tuesday night. She continues doing that on and off until 10:45am yesterday morning. After nap, oldest comes down with a 103 fever. Ah, the joys of parenting. And adding another in September will make for fun times!

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Oldest daughter drew a turtle yesterday and requested I take it to work today. So it's up on the wall.

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Upcoming chat tonight about the Arctic invasion into the Midsouth.
Join MWN meteorologist +Erik Proseus and MWN intern +William Churchill , as well as local weather enthusiasts +John Maddox and +Daniel Gafford as we discuss what will likely be one of the coldest periods in 15-20 years, plus the odds of accumulating snow on Sunday.

Fun weather pattern for the Mid-South this week. And by "fun" I mean, "Pull your hair out watching the freezing line." #tnwx   #memwx  

Looks like our vacation spot may be impacted by possible Tropical Storm #Karen.

One of these days I am going to write and self-publish a book for the Kindle.
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