Memories aren't actually the problem. It's the ones you become psychologically effected by that become a problem.

Those are the memories that are causing painful or frustrating experiences in your life, and they are the ones that are ready to be neutralized. 

Memories that make your blood boil, bring you fear or mass confusion all require attention. When neutralized they will no longer have that effect on you.

Your nervous system is addicted to emotions, not actual things, and these are the emotions that it feeds off of. Until you rebalance your memories, your nervous system will keep looking for hits of that emotion. 

That's how we become creators of challenging experiences. Our nervous system is out to feed! 

The amazing news is that this can all be cleared and it's surprisingly simpler than you may think :-) Thank goodness right! We've been through enough :-) 

Once cleared, you no longer attract that experience, you are no longer looking for that hit. I work with people to realign their cells to joyful and peaceful emotions, so you can start feeding off that more :-)

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