Tightness in the body, injuries, illnesses, disease. These are actually signals, from your true self, alerting you of something that you are ready to change. 

You wouldn't have it if it wasn't something that you could shift through, this I have seen as a fact in my clients life experiences as well as my own. So don't worry, you've got this :-)

What is your body trying to tell you? It is reflecting internal memories that are ready to be cleared. At one point in your life you experienced an emotion caused by confusion and were unable to move into clarity around it. 

You may have been able to live in this confusion for a while, but eventually it began to get in the way of what you truly desire. So to get your attention, you create an illness, injury, disease, something that says, Wake up! You can't ignore me anymore!

Every part of the body lines up with different aspects of your life. 

~ Shoulders are how we carry our experiences, is it heavy or with joy 
~ Weight is simply a form of protection 
~ Your neck represents your flexibility in life and how well you can move with the flow
~ The lower back relates to career and finances
~ The knees relate to your pride and ego
~ Your teeth represents your decisions in life
~ Arthritis is feeling unloved
~ Diabetes represents a deep longing for what could have been and a need for control

I could go on for ages with this stuff :-) I think you are starting to get the point though! Once you find the root cause, the original memory of the emotion caused by confusion, and clear it, you can also clear these injuries and illnesses. 

If you are looking to transform your health, contact me today for your free discovery session in which I will review what is going on in your life and how you can create change. Carly@carlymichelepepin.com

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