Bronnie Ware worked as a home care nurse, helping those who had gone home to die in their final stages of life. During this time, she noticed that people shared common regrets in life. The top regret being:

I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

To me this is the reason why we develop ourselves. To find our own truth, one that has been stuffed down from conditioning, fear, limitations that were impressed upon us as children. A time when we didn't know how to ask questions so we could pave our own way.

When I first started working with coaches, I used to want what they had, they radiated light and joy and just being around them made me feel as though I was experiencing life as they were. This was not the truth, because when I left, those feelings were gone and I was stuck in my unwanted reality again. Then I would try to emulate them to come back into that feeling again. Which only brought more confusion and pain. I was living through their values and not my own.

It was through this I learned the importance of using personal development as a tool to find yourself, your own way. Removing limitations then living out your life in a way that is true to you at this very moment. There are no rules to create in life, no system or path to follow, no restrictions in any form. The only thing to follow is your heart.

Expect your life to constantly change in this way :-) As you grow you will change your perspective and change your mind, change your way of life as you get closer and closer to your own center. Expect your world to change and improve.

I work with people to get back to that place. To find their own truth and follow their own path. If you are looking for a coach that will just tell you what to do, you are barking up the wrong tree :-D I will guide you into removing the limitations that are blocking you from living your own life.

Stop living through someone else's eyes and start living through your own. Contact me to book your free consultation, in which I will assist in removing limitations in your life.
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