Most people focus on trying to change the outer appearance of their life, which is actually the effect of the problem, not the cause of the problem. 

When you deal with only the outer appearance of a problem instead of the emotional root cause, it is like trying to change your own reflection in the mirror by just looking at it. 

All challenging people or situations in our lives are simply a reflection of an internal state of mind that is asking to be changed. You are aware of it simply because you are ready for that change.

You will not be aware of any imbalanced memories and emotions within your life today that you are not ready to change. Your heart, your real brain and the seat of your intuition, knows exactly what you have the power to work through right now. 

This is why healing is a consistent and personal practice. The things that I am transforming in my life today would have sent my nervous system into overdrive 5 years ago :-) I can't even imagine what I will get into in another 5 years! 

Every step leads me to greater freedom, greater expression, greater joy, love, abundance, and it allows my heart to stay open. This is available to everyone who is open and willing to take action and create change in their lives. 

If you are looking for significant and permanent change in your life, contact me for private coaching. We will schedule a free discovery session in which we can discuss what you would like to transform and how you can do just that.
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