I had to..:-)
A Murder of Crows...

Such is how we gather and flock, as a boisterous murder of crows. We ruffle and jostle as we talk amongst ourselves, learning and adapting to the new place we find ourselves. The new company we keep. Here we find an adaptive environment, one which can challenge your mind if you so choose, or one which requires no energy at all. The ultimate choice is up to the individual to interact or not, and the environment adapts to the individuals preferences.

There is a reason ravens or any corvid flock together, I believe it is because they are smart. They recognize the value of collaborative interaction. They see the very pragmatic benefits they receive from working as a group and collaborating toward a common goal. In the case of wild birds this goal is most often survival, which stands to reason. However we have a freedom to use a collaborative mechanism to our own ends. To solve problems or just cross paths with serendipitous circumstance. We can gather as free and as wild as any murder of crows.

Ravens understand each other and we seek the same thing, not just to be heard but to be understood. For who we are and who we are not. This can make people not want to pursue a broader engagement, they fear that they won't be heard or can't be understood. They are wrong. They will be heard they can be understood, we already here were and are afraid of the same thing, we always have been, I always have been. We found, I found, there was nothing to be afraid of, I was heard, people understood what I was saying.

We make this place whatever it is. We mold it, we shape it, we call it our own, we craft it from the loom and spindle of our imaginations, and it can be from no finer place. We are its progenitors and it's children, both its parents and it's offspring. We are teaching it as fast as we can learn from it and I have found the entire experience remarkable. The who I have talked to and the what I have discussed with them resonated with me and continues to resonate with me. They are some of the most amazing conversations I have ever had, and more are waiting for other people to come and have. I am truly thankful I found this murder of crows and for the time that we shall spend together..:-)
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