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Ug Gyen Yeoman
Agriculture student at SHIATS
Agriculture student at SHIATS

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More of Sketches
NB.: The true beauty and smiles are missing from the sketches. I will try to put in if I do some more sketching. Langa Tshering Tshering Leki CD Supposed to be me :D Tashi Dorji

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Few shots taken during vacation...
Kindly name them if you know, specially the flowers and insects. I just found them on the way to home!                                    

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I saw a friend sketching about a month ago. I thought I should also try sketching and here are few of the sketches that I made, of some people around me!

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A journey unto Haven!
The weary
days end with a view Where, a twilight
stars paint the sky like her face, Carpeted
with irresistible buds of beauty; It unveils
the best time from his lonesome highways To cushions his soul to fall in a
beautiful dream. A buzz or a
beep on the pho...

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a HaPPy EndING for the WEED! Had I been  a weed? 'Cause I grow etiolated Of course feebly in the space undesired Yet the seed fell on it and grew to a feeble me! Am I a weed? Nature nurtures me not 'Cause I'm weak and feeble Deprived of love and nur...

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Hello, Is it me you're looking for?
As I sat and bathed in the morning sunshine in a medow And battled against hangover from feeling low Lionel Richie sings "Hello" on a radio and I went mellow; He says, he has n't got a clue how to win her heart yet to let her know That he loves her and   in...

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Her man!
He jumped out heaven's gate Slid down on a sun ray And danced on the rainbow with angels. He hopped on a star Walked on the milky way And befriended the lonely moon. He ran to a car in haste Sped insanely on a highway To meet his love, where his heart dwell...

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Corporal Punishment, what do you say about it?
Sometimes, I hear some moments resounding in my head; those lashings, whippings, slaps, canes, and of-course those times getting into mischief. I cannot say I've become a better person because of that neither can I say otherwise.  However, I want to share w...

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Come Home Baby! A dream!
Girl I woke up dreaming about you I felt that warmth of your embraces I saw those innocent cute eyes looking at me I heard you cooing softly on my chest I heard you whisper my name  Baby come home! I'm walking alone Sorry I couldn't hold your hand all time ...
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