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Deprecated Dave Slusher
This is my deprecated old account, new one at
This is my deprecated old account, new one at

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This account is now abandoned. Thanks, Dustin, Douglas and Desiree Slusher. 

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Don't forget, this is the abandoned account. If you have me circled here and care about the future, circle this account please:

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Hard cut over. This is my last post from this account. If you care at all about my nonsense, then the account to follow is:

¡Que horrible! I left my mp3 player at home and can't listen to podcasts! Luckily I'm watching videos on my android phone while I work. See, I actually did get around to watching those hilarious Onion News Network satirical vidoes on the Beijing Olympics!

I'm switching up how I'm migrating Google accounts. I had been going for minimal disruption, but I changed my mind. I think instead I'm going for full, scorched-earth switch everything. That will mean redoing my entire G+ account. If you see two of me for a while, that's just what is happening. I'll change the name on this one to "Dave Slusher Deprecated" when the new one is online, and then recircle everyone from the new one. If I have to rebuy an Android app or three, so be it.

After 8 years of having the old Google account, suddenly I want out of it like I'd want out of a car fire. Thanks Douglas Slusher, for making my digital home unlivable.

I've had an Android phone for 5 months and just today got around to setting the apps on the home screen to my liking. Procrastilicious!

Oh sweet gumby. Migrating email address means seeing the Constant Contact "update profile" screen dozens of times. Offer to change them all!

I feel guilty when I get Linked in requests from coworkers at previous jobs that I flat don't remember at all.

Today I hit an at least 12 year weight minimum, maybe 13 or 14 years. 203.9 but I hadn't seen "03" on the scale in decades. I'll take it.

I can see I'm going to do a lot of online gardening in the next few weeks. Must delete many contacts and change 1 gazillion email addresses
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