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Mobile payments are all fun and games until someone calls the cops.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a phone by made by Samsung, which is a company that makes phones. It will be the successor to the Galaxy S6, which is also a phone by Samsung but is one less than the Galaxy S7. Rumors have been spreading on the Internet about the Galaxy S7. Some of those rumors might be true, but some of them might not be true, so take this all with a pinch of salt until we know for sure which rumors are true rumors and which rumors are just rumors.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 should have a screen and a battery and a camera, and these will probably be better than the Galaxy S6's because it will be newer. A better camera means there's a good chance the Galaxy S7 will take better photos than the Galaxy S6. But other phones have cameras too, so some of them might take photos that are also better or as good or not as good.

The Galaxy S7 will also have software in order to make use of its hardware. The software will probably be newer, and could look different to the Galaxy S6 because the Galaxy S7 is different to the Galaxy S6. The software will likely be Android due to the fact that Samsung makes Android phones.

One of the Galaxy S6 models had a curved screen. This suggests that maybe one of the Galaxy S7 models will also have a curved screen. The other one will have a flat screen, which is the type of screen that is not curved. The screens will definitely either be the same size or not the same size.

The Galaxy S7 will probably be announced this February and released shortly afterwards, because the Galaxy S6 was also announced in February, and because in order to release a product you first have to announce it.

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And here's Android History part 5. The first next big thing from Samsung! Two HTC Ones! NEXUS Q! Google falling in love with LG apparently! Words! Pictures! Video!
In Part 5 of our 8-part Android History series, we examine how Samsung dominated the Android landscape of 2012, and how the important Jelly Bean releases moved the platform forward. Intro Pre-history Early days Making it big Transformed Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon A decisive…

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I sat down with +Steve Kondik to talk about the past, present and future of Android:
Intro Pre-history Early days Making it big Transformed Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon When it comes to Android "hacking" and ROM development, Steve Kondik is a big deal. Way back in the earliest days of the OS, the man known online as "Cyanogen" created his own ROM for the T-Mobile…

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In Part 4 of our 8-part series on the history of Android, we explore a transformative year filled with new types of Android devices, and an all-new design language. * Intro * Pre-history * Early days * Making it big * Transformed * Coming soon * Coming soon * Coming soon * Coming soon As Android…

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And +Andrew Martonik got to see the first Android prototype, the HTC Sooner!
Part of the Android History series. Android as an operating system has changed dramatically since it was first acquired by Google in 2005, and along with it so has the phone…

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So this is what I've been working to build since the summer. Pretty pumped to finally show off the first part of our Android History series!
Android didn't just happen. The origins of the world's dominant mobile operating system can be traced right back to the beginning of the previous decade, through the work of…

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I wrote a thing 

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And here's the full Moto X Play review. Bit of a mixed bag overall, but a decent phone for the money all the same.
The most affordable Moto X yet aims to dominate the competitive new mid-range market — but falls short in an important area ... The quick take Launching around the £270 mark, the Moto X Play delivers a great deal for the money — a great screen, a decent camera and solid battery life, not to mention…

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Kids in the comments say the Moto X Play doesn't lag. Here's what Profile GPU Rendering says.

Spikes above the green line = jank. This phone janks. Often.
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