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I wrote some additional scenes, encounters etc. as extra padding for Dreams in the Clutch House *, the second scenario in the current Chthonian Highways BETA. You can get the PDF from my dropbox by using the link below.

+Miska Fredman If I get the rules and regulations right, I may release this as a PDF on drivethrurpg as long as it is FREE and it is clear that it is unofficial fan work. Is this correct or am I mistaken? :)

*Any kind of feedback is welcome! The current version has not been proof read by now and is thereby likely to have some errors.

Update: Version 1.1 is now available (better grammar, less typos :) )
I changed the link to the drivethrurpg FREEBEE. If you prefer to get it from my dropbox instead, please use the second link below

Recovery from Fatigue, Stress and Damage

The rules for recovery have undergone a major change between the Alpha Play Test Kit and the current (20.01.19) BETA version.

In the Alpha, a character recovered from Fatigue after the end of a scene, from Damage and Stress (basically) after between 2 and 24 hours of rests as long as no ability was EXHAUSTED (removing the EXHAUSTED state took six hours of sleep, or 24h for two exhausted abilities). Actual Injuries took weeks to heal.

In the BETA (quote): “A character will recover from all Strain at the end of a scene, provided that the character has an opportunity to catch a breath and rest safely for a few minutes. An Injury takes 2d4 weeks to heal with normal rest and the recovery time is halved if treated by someone with a Medicine skill of 5 or more.”

Personally, I do not think that this “recover after the scene” change was a good idea, as it has a HUGE impact on adventure design. With the original rules, it was possible to design an adventure with encounters and scenes that would “wear down” the PC (unless they would master or avoid the dangers presented to them). With the new rules, it is “all or nothing”. If the scene does end with an Injury/Disorder or a quick-cut to the next threatening scene (that does not allow the characters to catch their breath), every potential harm that was dealt will be completely negated.

In my opinion, the outcome will be that...

...combat encounters with “minor” enemies will be shrugged off by the players.

...non-mind-shattering scares or “eerie events” will have no lasting mechanical game effects

...players will be encouraged to Push their abilities often, as they will recover from just one point of strain or two quickly.

A question regarding the Survival skill: why is it based on BODY instead of WITS?

My point of view
The BODY is the thing that comes into play when a character suffers hardship of any kind (tough dudettes and dudes last longer when the times are hard). The Survival skill is about avoiding (unnecessary) hardship: you keep yourself and find/create dry places to sleep to avoid hypothermia, you know how to find food to avoid hunger, you know how to test/prepare/clean food & water to avoid food poisoning etc. All the things commonly attributed to Survival are skills that rely more on learning than on actual physical qualities (aside from the necessary manual dexterty for crafting traps, shelter, etc). I would thereby advocate to base it on WITS (although I understand that BODY might have been a game balancing decisions, as most skill are already either based on Wits or Perception already).

Let´s help Ironspine in the further development of CH by reporting errors in the BETA. I will start with the rules for Strain found on p.25

In the left column, the entries for Damage and Stress state that when two or more Abilites are exhausted at once the result will be an Injury or a Disorder.

On the right columen of the same page, the text under "EFFECTS OF EXHAUSTION" states (in bold) that when the third ability is Exhausted, it will result in an Injury or a Disorder.

Does a second or Exhausted Ability triggers the Injury/Stress, or does it only start when the the third is Exhausted?

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Gregorius´Notes: On the Weird OSR Fantasy #Year 2018 is a collection of selected articles I wrote for my blog in 2018. Inside you will find a mix of encounters, monsters, modified summon spells, magic weapons, a little sidequest, an otherworldy adventure location and a short adventure to put the latter to use. All written for OSR Fantasy RPG and compatible with Lamentations of the Flame Princess(tm). If my creativity does not fail me in 2019, I plan to turn Gregorius´Notes: On the Weird OSR Fantasy into an fan zine.


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Here is what happened after my players decided that their characters should go Down the Chasm

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Those in the Veins alway finish their soup. After all, it was trouble enough to it from the Soup Wyrm.

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Examples of the Dark Arts Vol.02 contains 30 Twisted Magic Items. What I mean by "twisted"? Well, have a look at the first six of them below!

+Joshua Burnett, if you would like to have a free copy, please drop me an email :) While your latest post showed that you have enough creativity of your own to come up with nasty little needful things, I would like to hear your opinion on them.

01# A black candle that will burn down within an hour, after which it will summon a demon-like entity from another plane (just like the Summon Spell; p. 138 // LotFP core rules). The entity looks like a distorted human shadow that is blacker than black but for the absurd array of shining white teeth in the center of its “face”. Unless controlled by a Magic-User it will attack everybody in sight for 1d10+4 rounds. While substantial, it is immune to all nonmagical
attacks but fire. It has 4 hit dice and AC: 13. In combat it will try to grapple and then attack with a bite (1d6+4 damage). If the “right” summoning was intoned while the candle burned down the Magic-User gets a +5 bonus on the Domination Roll. The book or scroll that contains the summoning might not
have been found with the black candle...

02# A skull cap made from the upper third of a human skull. It allows its wearer to take control of a number of currently present undead up to the character´s level, and up to three times a day. Any undead with more than 4 hit dice is to powerful to be controlled with this item, and the wearer suffers a (-2) penalty on all Saving Throws vs. Death while wearing it.

03# A knuckle ring made of carved bone. If worn on the index finger of the left hand the wearer may cause a minor heart stroke by pointing at somebody (up to three times a day). The target will be stunned for one round and suffer 2d6+2 damage (half that much if a Saving Throw vs. Death is passed). After putting it on for the first time, the wearer ages rapidly and visibly by 10 years and his or her maximum hit points are reduced by 1d6 (which may kill the wearer).

04# A golden eyeball. It allows its “wearer” to cast the Bestow Curse spell once a day, even if the character is not a Cleric or Magic-User. In addition the spell may be cast at a Range of 20 feet instead of Touch. In order to make use of its power, the “wearer” must remove his or her own left eye and replace it with the golden eyeball.

05# A medico´s needle, made of bone. If this needle is used to sew wounds shut, they will heal immediately but scar over and the flesh gets a grayish complexion. Each application of the bone needle permanently reduce the targets Constituation by one.

06# A next to featureless face mask made of cracked porcelain. All Saving Throws vs.
Magic of the wearer are made with the masks saving throw of 6 instead. If the mask fails a
Saving Throw for the first time it cracks in half and drops off.

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A small list with Loot in a Cellar. If you don´t know what else to do, have the PC dig out some cellars in the ruins and roll for some random encounters while they camp and work at the site.

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