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Check out this new American Mathematical Society blog called 'Visual Insight', run by +John Baez.  I'm excited about this blog because it is going to focus on visually striking mathematical images.  I'm also excited because a few of my pictures are showing up there!

Here's John's announcement about 'Visual Insight' on G+:

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Kiss your day goodbye. Very Escher-esque!

#MCEscher   #Illusion   #opticalillusion   #gif  
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Secret preview: coming soon to a MoMath event, lots of coloured versions of my 3D prints!

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Watch & blink quickly

via /r/gifs
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Climate change deniers ~ maligned earth science.  ((+anagram))

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Here is a video of my talk from the Bridges conference on the Triple gear, work with Saul Schleimer. The slides are available at

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Watch the differential analyzer in action!  It's an old-fashioned mechanical computer - and it's solving a differential equation y'' = - y, then plotting both y = sin t and y' = cos t, and getting a circle.  All with turning rods and gears!

I ran into this while looking for a YouTube version of this video:

pointed out by +Douglas Summers-Stay.  This is a must-see for fans of technostalgia: a short film released by Popular Science in 1948, showing the differential analyzer in action at UCLA.   

The concept goes back to the physicist Kelvin and his brother back in 1876, but the first practical model was constructed by Harold Hazen and Vannevar Bush at MIT in about 1930 - and when World War II came along, the differential analyzer became really important for military calculations.  

Puzzle: In 1936, Vannevar Bush hired a research assistant to run the differential analyzer.  Who was this guy?


Catherine Middleton ‡ Mothered incidental.  


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