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+Google+ Everyday you don't update the G+ app is another day that you say "we don't really care about this product."
It's not like you haven't had the time or the resources. 

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Best Chrome extension in years! Ahaha! 

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Can't come soon enough!

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I would also like all of these people to be my girlfriends... Probably Adam Savage most of all :p

I giggled with glee when I saw certain people and things.

Enjoy, respect, equality. Don't be a dick to anyone trying to enjoying the things they love. I think Mr Savage puts it best in the video...

- Geek Girls [any girls] Have Nothing to Prove.

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George R. R. Martin reacts to Paul and Storm's Write like the Wind. With comedic effect.


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I wanted to listen to the song that was playing in the YouTube #ProudToLove  video. What I found, was something wonderful. Lovely little story.
How anyone can be against two people loving one another and being happy in their lives, hurting no one, is beyond me.

"No freedom 'til we're equal. Damn right I support it"

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Nothing like a good tear jerker before work!


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One million years, Dungeon!! 

Dungeon (Lemongrab Dubstep)

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I've recently started to really enjoy watching people being bad at video games. So long as they're entertaining about it, of course :)

In the nicest possible way.
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