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What is the status of this Kickstarter project? Remember that communicating bad news is better than saying nothing.

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Want to see some NPCs that I made for my fantasy Musketeer game?

I posted the Honorable Sharpshooter, Dragonkin Naturalist, and Reformer Burglar to Reddit.

Question about Elective Action Order/Popcorn Initiative — Is there a canonical source for it, preferably one that is open content? I ask because this is a popular way of handling initiative in Fate and I'd like to add it to the Fate SRD.

I'm aware of the post on +Fred Hicks blog[1] and may end up linking to it, but my preference would be to add it directly to the Fate SRD.



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I ran a different style of Conflict in my game this week. The players are Musketeers trying to legally enter a foreign land whose borders are closed. See the write up in my reddit post.

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I just unpacked my thoughts on why I remove Notice from my Fate games.

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Hello there, I have a show called Running Fate where I talk about GMing for Fate. A lot of it ties into the channel's main Dresden Files game, but for tonight I'd like to open it up to Fate topics in general.

Are there any burning questions that I can answer or topics that you'd like to hear me cover?

I'll be streaming at 8pm EST at and shows are recorded and posted later to

Last night’s +Polyhedral Crew Dresden Files game—The Accords—is up at

Watch the party fight a weird vampire and then drive thru Dunkin Donuts.

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Ran our first session of Dresden Files Accelerated last night, kicking it off with a big action scene that brought all the PCs together.

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Did you miss my GM Prep stream for Dresden Files Accelerated? I've posted it to YouTube:

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*I'm streaming about GM stuff for Dresden Files Accelerated Tonight at 8pm EST at* I'm going to talk about taking everything the players gave me in session 0 and spinning it into gold. :-)

Everyone is welcome. Please join me.

If you have questions, I'm happy to add them to my list of things to talk about.
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