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Amira CucumPear
Crazy person, introvert, make-up addict, polish fiend.
Crazy person, introvert, make-up addict, polish fiend.

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Finally got off my arse and made the logo, so I could make the page.

Did I ever mention that Austria is almost ridiculously catholic. Example: Within reasonable walking distance (i.e. 20 minutes of comfortable strolling) I have:
- a catholic church (went there a few times with catholic people)
- a hospital run by Salvatorian nuns (sibs and I were born there)
- a kindergarten/primary/secondary school run by Dominican nuns (mum and sis went there)
- a kindergarten run by Franciscan nuns (bro and I went there)
- and some Oblati Mariae Immaculatae cloister?mission?thingamabob (never seen any of those as far as I know, are they incognito? The nuns wear proper habits).
And that's only the ones I know of. I'm kinda glad my mind came hard-wired for atheism, otherwise the indoctrination might have stuck.

Have you ever taken your suitcases off the top of your wardrobe while dusting and wondered why they were so heavy, only to find (pardon me while I resist writing 'your long lost cousin') a whole bunch of bags in them? I completely forgot that I still had some of them. I really do have to toss some (or donate, depending on how usable they still are).
BTW: Cleaning sucks. Especially when one is short and there's not enough space for an actual ladder and one has to make do with an ickle stepladder.

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I just got a serious happy moment. Here I was, watching the last bit of Radio Dead Air (so bad for my circadian thingamajig, 'cause it runs from 3-8 a.m. except for right now, 'cause DST and EST don't coincide), when +Nash Bozard plays some song by The Darkness that I have never heard. ZOMGReunion! I never hear about that kind of stuff.
I think I mentioned this somewhere before, but let me tell you a little story anyway.

In late 2003 I snagged my friend T, we hopped on a train to Munich and trotted to the Olympiahalle with one purpose: Meat Loaf concert FTW! So as we were waiting for the show to begin we looked at the stage and saw the drum set had 'The Darkness' on it. Never heard of them before (I never really pay attention to current music :-P), but holy shit they were awesome. I ordered Permission to Land the next day (that and One Way Ticket to Hell... and Back live in my kitchen as cookin' music these days). And when I found out that they'd play in Vienna in February 04, you can guess what we did. And dude, that concert was just as awesome, though it was a lot cheaper (less than € 13, Meat Loaf was about € 47 o.O).
Not that the Meat Loaf bit of the concert was any less amazing. It was made of utter win. I still grin like a fool upon remembering that the first thing we heard of him that night was an epic 'I want my money back.' Life Is a Lemon is the ultimate song for that purpose, no?

Short story even shorter: The Darkness = total win, they've reunited, go to the link below to find tour info, the new video and to download the song. Also: watch Radio Dead Air, it's made of awesome music and much ranting.

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Who done failed? I did, badly. And I must be a true masochist to even post this.

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There's poll embedded in this post, so please take the time to give me some feedback.

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Who got off her ass (or on it, really) and done posted?

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A few years ago my lovely friend T showed me one of the most awesometastic music videos of one of the sweetest songs ever. And if you don't know it, you should do the clicky thing and watch it right here in this post.
It just keeps popping in my mind whenever I see bouquets and such.
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