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The Arts Matter Here : its Fund-amental - just ask Sir Kenneth
When you live somewhere and your back is
against the wall, money is tight and hard times are all round, there are things
that we all turn to, rely upon and from which we draw hope and inspiration.  For
some, its piety, others, its politics, and most of us, ...
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The Cinderella story of Arts Funding – the tragedy of more cuts
Buttons! It’s
been such a turbulent time over the past months and colleagues have been asking
when the next Captain’s blog would appear.   It’s been flat out hectic not just for the organisation I run but right
across this sector and indeed every publicly-f...
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Cuts or No Cuts, the Arts will always Matter
Over the
years that I have been writing this blog and trying to muster some thoughts around
how we might defend ourselves against the swingeing ongoing cuts that threaten
livelihoods, professions, practice, creativity, educational attainment, health
and wel...
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On the afternoon of Wednesday, 17 May we will be hosting an event at CAP called
Assessing the Challenge. Co facilitated by the Interactive Institute in the
person of our good friend Stevie Johnston we will be looking at a variety of
issues that impact upon ...
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The Belfast Agenda & Local Development Plan - a few thoughts
Belfast will be a globally
successful, dynamic, smart 21st century regional city that is environmentally
resilient with a vibrant economic heart, bustling with sustainable mixed-use
businesses that attracts investment, talent and visitors; and is surrounded...
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Up the creek… without a budget
Many of you that watch what’s going on in the arts in
Northern Ireland know only too well that times have been tough. Those of you,
artists, staff, volunteers or participants engaged in work for the 105
regularly funded arts organisations in Northern Irelan...
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Betwixt and Between
So, its been a while since I wrote my blog. I
have been dumbfounded, spellbound and held in suspense by the sheer volume of
political and social changes that seem to be sweeping society. And in an ever-shrinking globalised media-space, it seems that our liv...
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Everybody Knows
Everybody knows the
fight was fixed The poor stay poor, the rich get rich That's how it goes Everybody knows                                    Leonard Cohen b.1934, d. 2016 RIP So, it been some time since I have updated my blog. That’s because
we have been...
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Dramas, crises, tragedy - and more cuts
There used to be a phrase that transferred from a rather mundane tv ad into everyday parlance. The smooth, comforting speech of the voice-over artist insisted that this company wouldn't "make a drama out of a crisis".  But of course, dramatists have been do...
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The big question?
I work for an organisation that has assisted community
groups across Belfast and Northern Ireland, understand some of their creative
potential and along the way we have assisted hundreds of thousands of people
access a better understanding of community arts...
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