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Patients often ask about SPF rating and how much of a difference there is between SPF 15, SPF 30, and SPF 45. Increasing SPF numbers above SPF 30 do not substantially increase the amount of protection a person receives.  In addition, people have the mistaken notion that the higher the SPF number of the sunscreen they use, the longer they can stay (and subsequently will stay) in the sun. 
>> Look at the graph on this link and you will understand.

I usually recommend SPF's definitely better than SPF 15 but I don't feel strongly that SPF 45 or above is that much better.
SPF 15 blocks 93.3% of UVB radiation
SPF 30 blocks 96.7% of UVB radiation
SPF 45 blocks 97.8% of UVB radiation
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Working  on a site that present honest and useful information regarding breast implants and breast augmentation surgery.  #breastaugmentation
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