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Grab a cup of coffee and let's spend a moment catching up with each other.

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It's #MomTimeThurs ! Come take a break from the kids and responsibility and link up your favorite post from the week. 

(And while you're at it, come find out why I won't be winning a Mother of the Year Award any time soon!)

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A good superhero always goes in with a plan and an end goal. When planning a #fundraiserevent  from the ground up, make sure you know what your end goals are!

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Calling all moms! Do you have creative passions? I would love to hear how you infuse creativity into your parenting, and what creativity means to you since becoming a parent! #motherhood   #creativity   #parenting  

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Puzzles are a great educational tool for children. It works their problem-solving skills, fine motor control, and hand-eye coordination. 

In this really simple tutorial I show how you can transform your child's drawings into a puzzle using some glue, a pair of scissors, and a cereal box. 

#DIY   #handmadeforkids   #kidcrafts  

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Do you need a #momtimeout ? Come link up your favorite parenting and family-friendly blog posts at this fun new #linkparty  just for moms who need a break. Every week we'll be choosing three posts to feature, AND someone will be randomly selected to be in the Timeout Chair. If you are featured, your posts will be seen on 9 blogs! Come join the fun!


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Planning a fundraiser from the ground up can seen daunting, but with since planning and an all-star team of devoted volunteers you too can be a fundraising superhero.

For the month of September I will be doing a weekly mini-series where I share what I did to plan my first fundraiser from start to finish, including:
*finding someone who complements your skill set to help you to co-chair the event
*deciding what your event will look like
*breaking down everything that needs to get done into smaller action items and plugging them into a calendar
*finding an appropriate venue

What tips do you have for fundraising?

#fundraising #philanthropy

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"Business owners who only think about themselves burn their connections, frustrate their customers and give off that snotty arrogance that nobody likes. It might take a little while, but your true jerkface colors will eventually shine through."

Straightforward & honest! What do you do to support the work for your fellow #smallbusiness  owners?

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I've been busy updating my small freshwater pearl earrings on my Etsy shop, now made entirely out of sterling silver!

#handmade   #weddingjewelry   #bridalfashion   #jewelryforwomen  

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"Live with less. Instead of spending a little on a lot, spend more on the things you really need. Check your labels. Know your sources. Try to connect with the makers behind your purchases, whether they be a clothing designer, a jeweler, or a farmer. And, most importantly, wait. Time, and patience especially, seems to be integral to mindful living. "

Beautifully written piece about the value of #handmade  and connecting with the people behind the things you buy. 

I think in our society, we have come to expect quick and cheap. How much easier is it to order something on Amazon rather than making the trip out to your local store? Or buying a cheap t-shirt at the mall and throwing it away after it falls apart after a year rather than saving up to buy something that was made better, but more expensive? I know I am guilty of this too, but it something I am striving to be more mindful about. 
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