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Intent received, 3 messages in succession how do you make a variable for each?

The messages are about 1 second apart. I want to show these messages on the watch (autowear) using a list.

The autoremote message works perfectly showing

Device=:=Computer On
Device=:=TV On
Device=:= Bathroom Light On

I want to transfer this into labels using autowear. 

I have 3 devices that can be turned on/off
Bathroom Light

Using Tasker, AutoRemote, AutoWear
Thanks to you guys I have managed to pass over the information from my server to my phone.

Now I am trying to transfer that info to the watch. The label is most important because it will show the status (on/off/pending/error) of the lights/switches in real time, local or remote using WeMo Devices.

Now I cant not figure out how to get this into an Autowear list label. Everything seems fine up to Variable Split.

Device=:=%name=:=%state is the syntax from the server to the phone
%name is bathroom Light, Computer or TV
%state is on/off/pending/error

incoming wemonamestate (47)
Run Both Together

A1: Variable Set [ Name:%wemostatus To:%arcomm1 %arcomm2, Do Maths:Off Append:On ]

A2: Write File [ File:Tasker/wemostate Text:%wemostatus Append:On Add Newline:On ]

A3: Variable Split [ Name:%wemostatus Splitter:, Delete Base:Off ]

A4: Flash [ Text:%wemostatus1 %wemostatus2 %wemostatus3 Long:Off ]

A5: [X] AutoWear List Screen [ Configuration:Labels: wemostatus1,%wemostatus2,%wemostatus3
Header Text: Device Status
Icons: android.resource://,android.resource://,android.resource://
Background Color: #FF000000
Screen Mode: Turn on
Swipe Left: false
Animation: Slide from right
Text Color: #FFFCFCFC
Show Confirmation: false
Show Now: true
Trigger Event: true
Haptic Feedback: true
Command to show: device
Name: Home Status Screen Timeout (Seconds):20 Continue Task After Error:On ]

Which is better? To pass variables through autoremote or the whole =:= thing?

I just cant understand the whole autoapps command stuff. read the command guide, looked at youtube etc, tried to play around with it, but cant seem to wrap my head around it.

I want to pass 2 variables from one device %name and %state to another device and combine them using autoremote. 

What is the best method to combine 2 variables into 1 with a new variable name?

I receive 2 variables via intent received, one is %name and the other is %state. I need a single variable in order to pass it through Autoremote.

I can do it through file write, then read.. but that seems slow. Is there a variable set like %nameandstate to: %wemostatus.

Tried above it was posted on another forum but does not work for me.

Autoremote notification not sending complete info.

Using an app WemoManager to get Intents. The intent, sent then received, queries the state of the wemo devices and reports back. This works fine with a flash task. %name %state. This gives me 3 status on 3 devices perfectly.
Flashes first device, then shows flash second device, then shows flash third device.

Using notification or message with the same variables, %name %state with Autoremote, I only get the first device.

Any help would be appreciated.

Using internet streaming application when it opens I have a list of radio stations that I can choose from. I want to be able to pick from that list using AutoVoice. I have the intents for each station on the list, and want to create a variable so that I don't have a million Autoshortcuts. Can somebody point me in the right direction to create a variable which will point to a list of intents? 
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