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Please tell me how #guncontrol  is working in China! 

I really dislike the new YouTube layout! It's like they took 1 step forward and 912471294973693261038701812 steps back! >:|

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Christmas is coming!!! :D

#12in13  HERE WE COME!!! +St. Louis Cardinals 

Totally rooting for +Detroit Tigers now, I can't stand the +San Francisco Giants! 

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! #gocards !!! :D

#chriscarpenter   =  #domination   :D

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Oh Yeah, Lets go!!! :D 

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Wonka Memes are the best!!

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Keep your eyes out for a 228 cat skid steer, that was stolen in Washington this weekend. It was parked out in a field, between Saville Lane and Route 24.
 I'm not sure what year it is, or what the serial number is. One thing I do know, is that it has brand new rims and tires.
You can see the top of it, in this map, it is sitting to the right of the trailers in the middle of the screen.
saville street washington il

Thanks for any info about this!! 
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