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What Wikipedia Cannot tell you about Uber self-driving Cars

Many hear self-driving cars and automatically think - Google. Yes, that is true, and that is because Google has been testing their autonomous cars for some time now. However, while Google is still busy testing their cars, the first passenger is already hopping into an uber self-driving car in Pittsburgh. Many companies Ford, Google, Tesla Motors and many others have been testing out the self-driving cars concept, but none has managed to bring them to the market.

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+travis kalanick+Travis Kalanick

#UberSelfDrivingCars #Uber #GoogleUberSelfDrivingCars #UberGoogleCar
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Does AICP support signature spoofing, if not how can i use MicroG on the rom?

Could anyone please help with a method to disable heads up notification on Aicp oreo

Hello +Jayy Panchal​ could you please make an updated version of the eyes theme for GB WhatsApp . I love the theme but can't get in updated version. I made the request long time ago and you said you will work on it .

Please and thanks in advance

Anyone else getting system ui FCs when setting up (if you choose the restore option )

Device Nexus 6P

Gapps : Full bean gapps

I know everyone will tell me how battery life depends on user but I'm looking at a perfect battery saving setup. All the things that will help on battery saving. I have broken my charger and can't get an original charger for my nexus 6p. therefore i need a complete battery saving setup on the nexus 6p from kernel to tweaks to minimize charging to once a day

Nexus 6P wifi not connecting to hidden SSID

Between magisk and SuperSU which one is best in terms of overall phone performance with DU
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