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Jeff Echols

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Your Grandmother may not know much about the internet but she probably understands #SocialMediaMarketing  better than most that are doing it today.

In fact, she and the ladies at her bridge club probably blow most Marketers' #SocialMedia  efforts out of the water.

It has more to do with Meatloaf than Bullhorns.
Your Grandmother may not understand what the World Wide Web is but she could probably teach you a thing or two about Social Media Marketing.
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Jeff Echols

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Can #Architects  become more successful and make more money by "giving it all away?" Would you tell everything you know; share all of your expertise to find your Ideal Client?

#Marketing  pros like Jay Baer say not to worry about giving all your knowledge away. “Knowledge and expertise is not the same thing. No one can steal your expertise.” “Giving somebody the list of ingredients doesn’t make them a chef.”

Those are really good points.

Successful swimming pool guy turned #ContentMarketing  thought leader Marcus Sheridan built his wildly successful platform on the "They Ask. You Answer" mantra.

Have you tried answering your client's questions in the form of an article or video or photograph?

What can you "give" that will help your Ideal Client find you AND qualify your leads at the same time?
You need to share all of your knowledge and expertise. You need to tell the world everything you know. And you need to give it away for free.
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Jeff Echols

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Recently, one reader of #Architect  of the Internet seemed to be asking Does #SocialMedia  Really Matter?

I often get questions like: How do I convince the leadership of my firm of the value of Social Media? or Where do you find the time for Social Media? But this reader went right down to the root. 

He wanted me to convince him that Social Media really mattered. I’m glad he threw that challenge out there; not because I want the opportunity to convert a doubter into a disciple but because it caused me to pause and step down off the bandwagon for a minute and admit that Social Media may not matter.
Isn’t that the question in the back of your mind? “Does Social Media really matter to my business?” I think at some point most people ask that question.
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Jeff Echols

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  #SocialMedia  will kill your #Architecture  firm. Yeah, I said it! Learn how and why and find out how to avoid certain death by:

  Not being an ostrich
  Hitting the pig
  Avoiding the Ghost of Christmas Past

My thanks go out to the +Novedge Social team for inviting me to write this guest post on their excellent blog and for giving this nifty digital badge. I wonder if it comes as a lapel pin or on a t-shirt?!
Now Novedge has offered me the opportunity to write a guest post on 8 ways Social Media will be the Death of Your Architecture Firm
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Jeff Echols

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What is the best Social network for #Architects ? Does it matter? On some level we're missing the point when we ask that question. Success in #SocialMedia  comes from identifying the group that you need to communicate with, finding them where they are, really understanding what they’re doing and contributing to them in a meaningful way.
What is the best Social Media Platform? Success comes from identifying a group you need to communicate with and contributing to them in a meaningful way.
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Jeff Echols

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"In the long run, to be the cheapest is a refuge for people who don't have the flair to design something worth paying for" 
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Jeff Echols

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Do you have a #SocialMedia  Strategy? Do you need help understanding or formulating one?

Think about the process of going out to eat. You may not think about it but you have to formulate a plan. What kind of food do you want? What part of the City do you want to go to? If you want Italian, which Italian restaurant do you want to go to? Do you want Pasta? What kind? What type of sauce? Which item on the menu? Sides? Drinks? Desert?

The act of planning and eating a meal involves a series of increasingly focused decisions. So does a Social Media Strategy. Starting with the Business Objective you want to meet and running all the way through specific Tweets, a Social Strategy involves a process similar to planning a meal (or making a Sandwich).
Social Media Strategy is like the process of eating a good meal from the type of food (objective) to the ingredients (Social Media posts).
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Jeff Echols

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I really enjoy speaking about  #SocialMediaMarketing  and helping people figure out how they can be successful by implementing   strategies. The conversations directly after a presentation can be very fulfilling. 

My presentation in the Town Hall of the AIA National Convention this year was no exception. But one question I got afterwards reminded me that it's one that I hear quite often.

It usually goes something like "Can #Architects  really find work by using #SocialMedia ?"

Well, I decided to tackle that question in this article by telling the story of ONE 10 STUDIO.

They're a four-year-old firm that's not only seen work come through the door because of their efforts on Social Media but has become part of the normal conversations that happen within the Craft Brewing crowd in #Indianapolis .  
Can Architects find work through Social Media Marketing? I get that question a lot and not just from Architects; from all kinds of business owners.
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Jeff Echols

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Nobody is going to hire your #Architecture  firm. Your clients don't hire your firm, they hire you. Your clients are Humans. They crave Human to Human contact. Give it to them.

Your ideal client isn't looking for a faceless robot so don't market to them that way. 

In the words of Bryan Kramer, Author of "There is no B2B or B2C: It's Human to Human":

“Near mass adoption of #SocialMediaMarketing  has put the magnifying glass on business. It used to be that brands sold more by pushing out a one-way conversation to their market. But now that Social has enabled countless global and public conversations, most brands are still struggling to express their distinctive voice and in figuring out how to engage in conversations with their key stakeholders instead of talking at them.”

Engage in conversations today.
No one is going to hire your Architecture firm. They want to hire a human. They want to hire you. They want human to human contact.
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Jeff Echols

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How can #Architects  get more work, grow their firms, gain more recognition, advance our profession, using #SocialMedia ? In other words, how can Architects "succeed" at Social Media?

Start by asking "What do I want to get out of Social Media."
How do you succeed at Social Media? The first thing you have to do is ask yourself: “What do I want to get out of Social Media?”
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Jeff Echols

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How did you get your first job in #Architecture ? My thanks go out to +Mark R. LePage for the honor of telling my story as a guest post on Entrepreneur Architect. 

My story runs the gamut from "change your major," to a shoe box, to standing in a phone booth on a street corner in Chicago. Remember phone booths?

Give it a read, tell me what you think. Then tell me your story. How did you find your first job in Architecture?
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Jeff Echols

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The city where I live, Indianapolis, was recently ranked as one of the worst cities for food access. We're in a "food desert."

Today's #Architects  and #Planners  need to think about shaped the great cities of the world and how increasingly important it is to consider food in the design of urban environments.
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