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A little heads up, FREE KINDLE BOOK... Sexy Thriller 'The Penance List' will be free for five days from 8th June #freebook #ebook 

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Our friend... planet earth... be kind to it...

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Madly working on final edit for my new book, The Deal,... Phew! need a quick rest in the garden.

#editing #books #crime #thriller #romance #vigilante #paranormal #booksforfilm #angels #author #amediting #amwriting #author #SiobhanCunningham #SCCunningham 

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NEW BOOK am uber excited to share this one with you... at final edit stage.
'The Deal' by S C Cunningham, Book I of The Fallen Angel Series.


For those who dare to think there is something else out there...

At the age of four, Amy was taken…She survived.
A week later, another little girl was taken…She didn't.

Angry that a bad man has gotten away with murder, feisty young Amy Fox makes a deal with God. When she dies, if she’s been a good girl, would God let her sit on a cloud for a while, invisible, to get bad people who slip through his fingers?

Her deal and God long forgotten, career girl Amy mysteriously dies. Her lifeless body is found beneath a London underground commuter train.

She awakens in the afterlife to discover an international network of like-minded souls who’ve all made the same deal. A sophisticated MI5-esque justice machine sits in the skies, protecting, righting wrongs, tracking criminals, and working within strict rules of play…all against time.

Each country's Unit shares intelligence, surveillance, and resources to dish out karma and deactivate dangerous situations. The only evidence they leave behind during their earthly visits is a small white feather sashaying to the ground.

In a chaotic world, powerful adversaries try to close her Unit down. A complex SAS vigilante has been assigned to work as her partner, but with his jealous violent ex-girlfriend on her heels and with her own vendetta to settle, Amy has never worked so hard in her entire earthly life. She has to wonder if making a deal with God was a mistake.

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I LOVE READING, here are a few beautiful reading nooks. My guilty pleasure, snuggling up with a good book... and if I'm lucky, a good man :-) #reading #books #nooks #writing #author #sccunningham

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MY 80's ... the olden days of Blade Runner make-up, Dynasty shoulder pads & seriously thoughtful, mean & moody, heavy lipsticked looks (no smiling.. ever!). We had talented hair & fashion designers, where anything went; silk, leather, lace, chains, jewels, nets, hats, Mahicans. Awesome vinyl record collections & wicked night clubs - Punk, Rock, Dance, Electronic, Garage, House, Soul, Blues, New Romantics... etc. #80's #music #fashion #1980 #life #memories

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I LOVE FOOD... (am shouting)... images of yummy food... cant cook, but I can open wine and be scintillating conversation... help prep and clear up... love good food, good wine and good company :-) #food #wine #company #health #kitchen #cooking 

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PLACES I WANT TO BE a few images of where I would like to be ... 
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