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DLS Technology Corporation
Delivering High Performance Virtualization Solutions.
Delivering High Performance Virtualization Solutions.

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DLS Technology Corporation Ranks No. 484 on the 2018 Growth 500
– Canadian Business unveils 30th annual list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies –

Ottawa, Ontario (September 13, 2018) Canadian Business and Maclean’s ranked DLS Technology Corporation No. 484 on the 30th annual Growth 500, the definitive ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing

Companies. Produced by Canada’s premier business and current affairs media brands, the Growth 500 ranks Canadian businesses on five-year revenue growth. Growth 500 winners are profiled in a special print issue of Canadian Business published with Maclean’s magazine and online at and

DLS Technology Corporation made the 2018 Growth 500 list with five-year revenue growth of 101%.

“As we celebrate 30 years of the Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies program, it’s encouraging to see that entrepreneurship is healthier than ever in this country. The companies on the 2018 Growth 500 are truly remarkable. Demonstrating foresight, innovation and smart management, their stories serve as a primer for how to build a successful entrepreneurial business today,”

- Deborah Aarts, Program Manager, Growth 500

“DLS Technology Corp. is honoured to be one of the distinguished firms on the Growth 500 ranking. This achievement reflects the strength of our innovations, solutions, and products, all of which would not be possible without the exceptional talent and dedication of our team and support from our clients.”

- Eric She, President, DLS Technology Corp.


About the Growth 500

For 30 years, the Growth 500 has been Canada’s most respectable and influential ranking of entrepreneurial achievement. Ranking Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies by five-year revenue growth, the Growth 500—formerly known as the PROFIT 500—profiles the country’s most successful growing businesses. The Growth 500 is produced by Canadian Business. Winners are profiled in a special Growth 500 print issue of Canadian Business (packaged with the October issue of Maclean’s magazine) and online at and For more information on the ranking, visit

About Canadian Business

Founded in 1928, Canadian Business is the longest-serving and most-trusted business publication in the country. It is the country’s premier media brand for executives and senior business leaders. It fuels the success of Canada’s business elite with a focus on the things that matter most: leadership, innovation, business strategy and management tactics. Learn more at

About DLS Technology Corp.

Founded in 2000, DLS Technology Corporation is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Since its inception, DLS has become a leading technology solutions and service provider, fulfilling the market needs and supporting the evolving business requirements of both the Public and Private sector. We specialize in the areas of:

- Cloud Computing
- Cybersecurity
- Secure Remote Access
- Virtualization
- Infrastructure Design and Deployment
- Secure Remote Desktop
- Mobile Device/Access Management
- Business Continuity

Our DLS Cloud and Virtualization solutions are primarily based on Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware technologies. We also remain hardware and software agnostic, allowing us to provide the best overall recommendations and solutions for our clients. Working with strong partners such as Citrix, Microsoft, VMware, Micro Focus, Amazon Web Service, Breqwatr, HPE, Entrust Datacard, Comodo CA, eG Innovation, and more, has allowed us to stay current with all of the leading edge technologies and standards.

DLS values sustainable relationships with clients, partners, and stakeholders. The company has proven to commit to long-term client relations by providing the required partner-backed IT infrastructure design, development, and implementation, including project management, troubleshooting, and ongoing maintenance and managed services.

The DLS team is committed to providing high-quality services. We differentiate ourselves through our dedicated and experienced leadership in providing IT solutions. Our team specializes in end-to-end architecture, development, deployment, and support for IT solutions. During this process, we work in partnership with all stakeholders to ensure our solutions and services are delivered on time, are within budget, and meet all defined requirements.

Media contact

Patrick Nadeau, DLS Technology Corp.,, 613-249-8818
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HPE Canadian Government Summit is coming to Ottawa on September 22nd this year at the Shaw Centre from 7 am to 1:30 pm. Join us as HPE and the guest speakers will provide a day of unique and deeply impactful stories and experiences during the Keynote and breakout sessions.
Join us and register at
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We are bringing the best of Citrix Synergy to you!

You are cordially invited for a lunch and learn to hear how Citrix can help you "say yes" to the latest innovations as you take the next step towards digital business transformation. Join us as we share the vision, key insights and product announcements from Synergy and get inspired by the solutions that can drive value for your business.

During this session you will gain insight to:

- A unique perspective on the digital transformation impacting the world today, how it powers new opportunities
- Areas of innovation across the Citrix portfolio, including product updates and technology advancements that are delivering greater security, flexibility and engaging experiences.
- Real-world insights into how your peers are leveraging Citrix to deliver advances in productivity and are well positioned for digital transformation.

See how Citrix can help you "say yes" to innovation, today and tomorrow.

Register now, seating is limited.

Sponsored by DLS, Citrix Platinum Partner, and AppSense, now part of the LANDESK family.
Citrix Events
Citrix Events
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Today, DLS sponsored the Royal Montreal Golf Challenge fundraising to support Els for Autism charity. Els for Autism – Canada is a Canadian-based organization established in 2009 by PGA TOUR golfer Ernie Els and his wife shortly after their son Ben was diagnosed with autism. Autism is a challenge for those affect by it, their families and the communities in which these Canadians live. We are dedicated to increase awareness, and help people on the autism spectrum fulfill their potential to lead positive, productive, and rewarding lives. Please find more information at
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Blog Post 5: Reduce IT Costs
Stop Doing Costly, Manual Desktop Setups and Updates and Start Saving with Virtualization
Every time someone from IT manually updates an employee’s desktop in your organization, it makes a distinctive sound.
It’s the sound of unnecessary IT spending on manual efforts to keep individual PCs up to date with the latest patches or the newest versions of operating systems and apps. And the more employees and devices your organization has, the faster that spending adds up.
App and desktop virtualization can change all that. Instead of running apps and operating systems locally on each individual PC, centralize them in the data center and deliver them as a service over a network connection to the actual hardware where they’ll be running.
This approach allows IT to spend a lot less time and effort on things like software deployment and patching, desktop software installation and desktop setup and configuration, and significantly reduces the cost of employee onboarding and ongoing desktop management.
The impact goes beyond managing apps and desktops internally, too, because you can use this same approach to set up and manage off-site desktops and other systems and devices for remote workers. So it’s easy and cost-effective to set up a mobile workforce with the systems and secure access they need.
If you’re thinking “Where do I sign up?” you’ll be glad to know that’s easy, too. DLS Technology Corporation (DLS) delivers app and desktop virtualization solutions powered by Citrix to your business.
There are lots of choices on how to deploy virtualization, based on your situation. If your employees are working on relatively new desktops, you can keep those in place and just manage them centrally. But if you’ve got a fleet of aging desktops, you can do even better than that by turning them into thin-client PCs or replacing them with new thin clients.
Thin clients have no hard drives; they don’t need them, since apps and desktop software are being distributed to them from a central location. Because they have fewer moving parts, they’re less likely to fail, so they tend to last much longer than typical PCs, for even more cost savings.
To learn more about all the benefits of app and desktop virtualization solutions from DLS and Citrix, visit where you can access a library of resources including whitepapers and videos. Or give us a call to start simplifying and saving money on app and desktop management in your organization.
Contact DLS Sales
1-888-297-1225 or
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Blog Post 4: Extend Legacy Apps to New Mobile & OS Platforms

Extend Legacy Apps to New Mobile and OS Platforms with App and Desktop Virtualization

Wouldn’t it be nice to adopt new OSs when they come out so that your employees could take advantage of all the new features and benefits that come with them? A lot of IT managers view this idea as a pipe dream – fun to imagine, but not easily accomplished.
Legacy software applications and high upgrade costs have kept businesses of all sizes tied to outdated Windows operating systems. Your business might be one of them. You want to upgrade to a newer OS, but doing so would require you to either rewrite applications that are vital to your company’s day-to-day operations and were put in place years ago, or purchase a large number of licenses to upgrade third-party software for your employees. Either option can be prohibitively expensive for you, especially with other competing IT priorities which likely rank higher in terms of business value.
In the past, you might not have liked this situation, but you could manage it. But with today’s mobile requirement and the consumerization of IT in which employees are using their own devices to access your company network, doing something about it becomes a higher priority. Why? Because employees who access your network without proper security measures in place puts your company data at risk; your business-critical legacy apps probably don’t run properly on newer employee-owned cross-platform devices or have poor usability; and it’s all become too complex to manage.
Fortunately, solving this problem is now much simpler with app and desktop virtualization solutions from DLS Technology Corporation (DLS) powered by Citrix. You can give your legacy apps a second life in new ways.
DLS and Citrix’s app and desktop virtualization solutions allow you to run OSs side-by-side on any computing system, so when employees bring in their own devices running Windows, iOS, Android or Linux, it’ll be no problem because they can still access the apps they’re used to, seamlessly and securely.
Likewise when you migrate to Windows 10, you can extend earlier investments because you can run the older apps on Windows 10 through virtualization. (And vice versa – run new Windows 10 apps on older hardware without needing to do a PC refresh.)
To learn more about all the benefits of app and desktop virtualization solutions from DLS and Citrix, visit where you can access a library of resources including whitepapers and videos. Or give us a call.
Contact DLS Sales
1-888-297-1225 or
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Blog Post 3: Workforce Continuity
You Can Prepare for Any Business Disruption with DLS Technology Corporation and Citrix
What would happen if the power went out at your office just as you started reading this post? Or a fire alarm sounded? Or you learned you were in the path of a fast-moving hurricane or snowstorm?
Any expected or unexpected event that interrupts everyday operations and prevents people from doing their work can bring your business to its knees – not just financially, but also in terms of lost productivity, damage to reputation and other less quantifiable but equally serious consequences.
That’s the bad news.
The good news is that even if you can’t predict when an unforeseen event will disrupt your business, you can prepare. And being prepared can make the difference between operations coming to a halt or business continuing as usual.
DLS Technology Corporation (DLS) provides app and desktop virtualization solutions powered by Citrix that help businesses like yours ensure workforce continuity during any disruption.
Our solutions ensure workforce continuity by providing secure remote access for employees to do their jobs anywhere. That means the ability to easily access everyday business applications and data using any device, with an interface that works exactly the same way whether it’s on a business laptop or personal tablet.
On the IT side of things, because secure remote access is built into app and desktop virtualization solutions from DLS and Citrix, there’s no need to maintain a separate set of business continuity access tools and devices.
To learn more about all the benefits of app and desktop virtualization solutions from DLS and Citrix, visit where you can access a library of resources including whitepapers and videos. Or give us a call.
Contact DLS Sales
1-888-297-1225 or
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DLS Blog: Simplify Desktop Management

Simplify Desktop Management with DLS Technology Corporation and Citrix

Did the launch of Windows 10 this past summer get you thinking again about adopting the latest OS and desktop for your business? Did you get a slight feeling of dread at the thought, even though you’d love to take advantage of all the new features and benefits? If so, you’re not alone.

Staying current with software and hardware is a challenge for companies of all sizes, especially if you’re still doing manual updates. The number of PCs and other devices your IT team has to manage has become a huge effort as you work to maintain and update apps, patch OSs and continually replace outdated, lost or stolen machines.

New, employee-owned devices are probably entering into your IT environment as well – with employees seeking flexibility to work their way – creating further management challenges. These employee-owned devices might already be running Windows 10 or another OS and your business-critical apps may not be compatible, which can cause a loss in employee productivity. And when employees use their own devices to access critical-business data without complying with company security policies, it puts your data at risk.

If you identify with these challenges, you should join the growing number of forward-thinking businesses that are modernizing their desktop computing environments through app and desktop virtualization. This is a cost-effective yet powerful alternative to physically managing all of your employee desktops and other devices.

DLS Technology Corporation (DLS) provides app and desktop virtualization solutions powered by Citrix allowing you to both modernize your computing environment and transform the way you manage and support your employee desktops, laptops and personal devices. With app and desktop virtualization solutions from DLS and Citrix, you can:
·         Centrally manage and securely deliver Windows desktops and apps to any device - PCs, Macs, tablets, smart phones, laptops, and thin clients - all with complete personalization for your employees
·         Adopt the latest Windows OS with ease and speed – as soon as its available
·         Run multiple OSs side-by-side on any device
·         Extend the life of your legacy apps without requiring you to upgrade them for new OS releases
·         Run newer apps on older hardware, extending its useful life
·         Provide mobile workers with secure access to their desktops from anywhere, anytime, on any device
·         Significantly reduce the time, complexity and costs associated with desktop management
To learn more about all the benefits of app and desktop virtualization solutions from DLS and Citrix, visit  where you can access a library of resources including whitepapers and videos. Or give us a call.
Contact DLS Technology Corporation
1-888-297-1225 or
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DLS Blog: Secure Remote Access

DLS Technology Corporation and Citrix Make Mobile Access Secure and Simple

Isn’t mobility great? It makes it possible for employees to work anywhere, on any device, and be more productive than anyone could have ever imagined. But it’s not always so great for your business when it comes to making that access both secure and easy.

Increasingly, security concerns are putting companies between a rock and a hard place – having to choose whether to limit mobile access to company data on corporate or personal devices (which makes it harder for people to work at maximum productivity) or to give employees free rein to use their own devices (which makes it harder to secure sensitive data).

And don’t get employees started on the usability challenges that mobility can create. It’s hard to achieve the productivity that mobility offers when they have to use different interfaces and credentials for different devices – and even then might not be able to access all the corporate resources they need.

Fortunately, DLS Technology Corporation (DLS) provides app and desktop virtualization solutions powered by Citrix that eliminate these challenges. By virtualizing apps and desktops, employees can work remotely, stay productive, and easily use the devices they prefer – from company laptops to personal tablets or smartphones – for mobile access over any type of network connection. They also receive the same consistent experience across all devices. And you can rest assured that business-critical information is safe because secure access to both data and apps is built in.

To learn more about all the benefits of app and desktop virtualization solutions from DLS and Citrix, visit where you can access a library of resources including whitepapers and videos. Or give us a call.

Contact DLS Sales
1-888-297-1225 or

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