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People have been asking me recently on how we get paid. Below is our posted policy it can be found on our website at

How are Tamure' 
Real Estate Agents Paid?

On Resale Properties:
There are no additional fees charged to the buyer for using the services of Tamure Corporation as a buyer's agent. Tamure Corporation is compensated by a percentage of the commission offered by the Listing brokerage.  This is not an additional fee. If you were not using a buyer's agent to represent you, that percentage of the commission would stay with the Listing brokerage.

In New home construction:
There are no additional fees charged to the buyer for using the services of Tamure Corporation as a buyer's agent on new home construction at this time.  Tamure Corporation is compensated by the builder. The compensation is based on a small percentage of the base price of the home.  This percentage is already built into the price of the home. This is not an additional fee. That percentage would stay with the builder's agent.
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These are the Phases of CBS Home Constuction  here in Southwest Florida

CBS Stands for (Concrete Block and Stucco) 
or ( Concrete Block Structure)

This will give you a basic outline of the different phases of CBS home construction here in Cape Coral and Fort Myers Florida. Please be aware that the builder  / contractors may differ on scheduling construction phases due to personal preferences,  sub-contractor schedules and the availably of building materials.

While building a new CBS home is both exciting and rewarding, it also demands that a buyer be fully prepared and committed to the challenge. Our goal is assisting you in building the finest quality CBS home possible and providing you with a positive experience in the process. Please see the Buyers section to the left for a list of our servies.

These are the different phases of construction for a typical concrete block home in Southwest Florida.

·        Lot selection and purchase
·        Review house plan
·        Lot Survey
·        County and city permitting
·        Lot preparation Seawall (Waterfront lot only)
Clearing Fill (bring lot up to grade)
·        Footer dug and poured
·        Stem wall built
·        Install sewer lines
·        Pour concrete floor slab
·        Concrete block walls built
·        Tie beam framed and poured
·        Dig pool and shoot shell
·        Trusses and roof sheathing installed
·        Framing of interior walls
·        Installation of rough plumbing, electric and A/C
·        Install insulation
·        Drywall and texture of interior walls
·        Installation of doors and windows
·        Concrete driveway and sidewalks laid 
out and poured
·      Installation of kitchen and bathroom 
cabinets and plumbing fixtures
·        Paint interior and exterior walls
·        Pool shell / deck
·        Install floor covering, lights and ceiling fans
·        Landscaping and sprinkler system
·        Walk through inspection
·        Closing with lender and builder

For info Click Here
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These are some of the Steps to Building a Home in Southwest Florida

While building a new home in Southwest Florida is both exciting and rewarding it also demands that a buyer be fully prepared and committed to the challenge. Helping you build the finest quality home possible and providing you with a positive experience in the process is our goal.

1: The most important step is finding an experienced agent who will represent only your best interests. 
Tamure's agents will provide this. The builder's sales representative may be pleasant and at times helpful but they are not looking out for your best interests, they represent the builder. Tamure Corporation only represent you. We will guide you through every step of the construction process, from locating the perfect homesite through completion.

2: If you're financing, get prequalified or better yet precommited. 
Not only will precommitment allow you to begin construction as soon as possible but you'll also know exactly how much home you can afford. The process can be lengthy, with lenders requesting highly detailed information about your debts, assets and credit history. By starting early, everything can be in place when we find the right builder:

We'll provide a list of local lenders who we've chosen for their competitive rates, low closing costs and commitment to customer satisfaction.  Compare the builder or developer's loan package. Builders often offer incentives making their lender less costly than a typical lender. We'll review each lenders Good Faith Estimate for accuracy and then prepare a spreadsheet accurately comparing each loan, so you can choose the one that's right for you. 

3: Finding a building lot in a community that meets your needs.
It's important to focus on the size, style and location of your future home. We are familiar with every neighborhood in Greater Ft. Myers, Cape Coral and Bonita Springs and will help you select an area appropriate to your lifestyle and budget. Whether your looking for a

Waterfront community
Gated community 
Family orientated community in the school district of your choice. 
Active adult community with activities such as boating , golf, tennis, etc. Relocating to a new area can be an intimidating process. Tamure will take the time to show you each housing option and community that meet your criteria. You'll feel comfortable knowing you've fully researched the area prior to making a decision.

4: Choosing the right builder is one of the biggest investments you'll ever make financially as well as emotionally.

That's why for many this is often the most difficult part of the entire process.  We have strong working relationships with Lee County's most respected and trusted builders, our years of experience and expertise in the local construction industry will insure that only the most reputable builder's are considered.

We'll personally take you through numerous model homes, helping you compare different floor plans and available upgrades. We'll help you choose options, let you know which ones are appropriate for the size and style of each model. We'll also let you know when an option is not competitively priced or when bringing in an outside subcontractor could save hundreds, even thousands of dollars. 
We'll prepare a detailed cost analysis to accurately compare the true total cost of each home. 
Decide on the builder and floor plan with the options you want, at a price you can afford.

5. Signing of the contract.
We will review the construction agreement and blueprints with you and your contractor, and:
Insure the contract contains all necessary contingencies for your protection. Make sure all of the changes you requested have been included. We will strongly recommend you have a Florida attorney review the agreement. We'll provide information on a number of reputable local attorneys.
Builder's do not carry all the insurance coverage you may require. Depending on the season and your homesite's location we'll recommend additional coverage you should consider.
We will provide a list of highly competent new construction inspectors, another service we consider an absolute necessity in today's flourishing real estate market.

6. Should you ever encounter a problem with the builder we'll be there.
Part of the comprehensive service we provide is to act as the liaison between you and your contractor throughout construction. We want to make your building experience as pleasant and stress free as possible.

7. If it's not possible for you to be in the area during construction we'll be happy to photograph or videotape your home's progress.

In some instances we can even put your home on our website so you, your family and friends can view it's progress in real time. As with every service we provide, all at no charge.

You can see more info at
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Did you know that Courtyard homes give the privacy you need and 
yet provide the casual Florida lifestyle you’ve 
only dreamt. Please check out to see one under construction.
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This Is Who We Are:

Tamure Corporation is one of the very few real estate offices in Southwest Florida that is an Exclusive Buyers Agency meaning we only represent buyers. Unlike most real estate offices, we do not accept listings; our sole objective is to find the right property at the best price and terms for you. We are now in our 20th year serving the Southwest Florida area. Our combined experience spans over 90 years in the real estate and building industry. This gives us the ability to assist and educate you on the many aspects of purchasing real estate. There are no additional fees, nor do we charge a retainer, we simply share in the commission offered by other real estate companies / builders.

This Is Our Mission:
We understand that the search for real estate can be intimidating and complex to many people. Our job is to relieve you of that stress as much as possible. By working honestly and fairly in all transactions and using our combined knowledge we will make your experience rewarding in finding the home of your dreams in Southwest Florida.
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This Is What We Do For Buyers

1: Locate all suitable properties in your price range with no potential conflict of interest. 
2: Set up appointments to suit your schedule. 
3: Research the properties to find out what they previously sold for and if there are any liens or assessments. 
4: Work up a comprehensive comparative market analysis.  This study will assist you in evaluating different properties and alternative courses of action to ensure you a competitive offering price.
5: Assist in comparing your mortgage costs with the different lenders. This will determine the most favorable loan for you.   
6: With your best interests in mind, prepare the purchase contracts, adding contingency clauses for your gain and protection.
7: Provide assistance in selecting qualified companies and individuals that may be necessary for property inspections and repairs estimates
8: Be with you every step of the way from contract negotiations, property inspections to closing.  Even after closing we help out by providing a list of service people that our past clients have used.
9: After going through the resale research and pricing you may find that it would be just as affordable to build a new house as it is to buy a resale property. As previously Tamure’ will assist you and guide you through this process.

In New Home Construction.

Tamure real estate agents will
1: Show you an inventory of all the quality builders including their floor plans and prices.
2: Assist you in selecting a builder by doing a cost analysis comparing their costs verses their competitors. 
3: Accompany you to different models and point out all of the features positive or negative. 
4: Assist you in negotiations with the builder to assure you there are no hidden costs.
5: Provide you with a list of lawyers to chose from to go over the builders contract.

Please vist our website at
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Our new website is now up and running We hope you like it we are still working out some of the bugs. Please check out we would to here your comments.
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Southwest Florida Real Estate
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