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Semantic WP Themes
We design Wordpress child themes with markup
We design Wordpress child themes with markup


We're getting ready to release 'Semantic PinVid Pro' - a 'new' theme to help with your marketing and promotion efforts.  More updates soon.  Will you be a lucky beta tester? ;)
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Using markup in your websites is a must for any business owner who is serious about their search engine marketing and promotion.  While Wordpress does have a number of plugins that add markup there are virtually no themes that focus on including markup as standard .. until now.

Semantic Seduction is our second publicly released theme. It uses and improves on the outstanding Genesis framework.  By default it adds the correct type for:
Your home page
Your about page
Your contact us page
Standard WordPress pages
Standard WordPress posts and
Search pages

Semantic Seduction also corrects, improves or adds mark-up for:
Your page and post headlines -
The description of your pages and posts
Your pages main content area
Your posts main content area
Images in posts and pages content area
The URL of your page or post
The URL where to reply with comments and
The comment interaction count showing how many people have left comments.

Have a look.  We think you'll love it.
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