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Hi does anyone know how to get Knox to use an external SD card? Seems to be no option, which just seems so limiting. I know it's a container and all, but I can't even create the Knox container on the external card. Just wondering if it's even possible?

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Replacement 6P much much better battery life. Thank you Google for providing a refurbished replacement even though I was beyond the warranty period. It more than fixed the problem.

Happy with my phone again. Yay.

I received a replacement 6p (refurbished) from Google today following my terrible battery life after upgrading to 7.1. My phone was well out of warranty, but they replaced it anyway. I am setting it up now, but I hope my battery gets back to being useful. Either way, BRILLIANT customer service from Google. 

Does anyone here use a 128GB SD card with their Note Pro? I have a 64GB SD installed with zero issues, but I am running out of room (media files especially). I am looking for a very reliable 128GB card and wish to confirm (i) it works (reliably) and (ii) if there are any recommendations on cards to own or even avoid?

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More 6p battery crap. Just hoping Google can really fix this soon. My phone is no longer mobile - it needs to be plugged in all the time #useless

I will buy a Note 5 soon I think, and live with Samsung's crappy update program.

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More battery crap

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Nothing wrong with this. #frustrating

Well I had a first yesterday. My 6p was being charged by the OEM charger...and it shut down during the charging process owing to low battery!! How can that be? After it shut down, I restarted it and sure enough the battery said 0% (but also showed it was now charging). It's as if the battery was not allowed to charge even though it was plugged in. Can the software actually stop the charging process?

I love everything about my 6P except the miserable battery performance. It is so unreliable: it shuts down in the cold, sometimes with over 50% battery life remaining, or sometimes it drains at blindingly fast speed you just get caught out and have no device until you can recharge.

I came to the Nexus as I was so tired of Samsung's (non) OS update policy, feeling it left my device vulnerable to hacks and such, but I never ever had problems with the actual hardware. My Note 12.2 Pro has an incredible battery life and it just WORKS all the time, albeit running Lollipop. I have to say, I am now leaning towards better hardware than the latest OS.

Sigh - maybe I have to think about the Note 5?

Still no 7.1.1 update for my Nexus 6p. I can only assume Google has slowed/delayed roll-out as they try to fix some of the bugs that have surfaced following the mass release of 7.0.

I suppose that's a good thing judging by how much aggravation some of us have had with 7.0 (mine was battery). BUT I have a question about the camera: is it me or does it seem slower in 7.0? I tap to take a picture but it takes quite a while to actually snap it. Not a problem for stills, but I have missed quite a few moving targets because they disappear before the camera wakes up. Anyone else relate to that?

Battery Issues - POSSIBLE FIX?

So in complete frustration today, I turned wifi and bluetooth off and went cellular only. Huge and immediate improvement to battery power consumption, but hardly a good solution because I don't have an unlimited data plan.

So...I did Settjngs->BackupandReset->Network Settings Reset

I deleted the lot. Had to re-enter a few passwords and re-pair devices BUT my battery life is improved significantly so far. No idea if it will last, but it's easy to do and might be worth a try.

I also have settings->Location->Scanning turned to OFF for wifi and Bluetooth which previously improved things a little.

I am 15 hours into usage today, and am at 64% (albeit with brief car charging as I was running android auto in my car). Way better than normal. :-)

GOOD LUCK if you try this out and pls post an update. :-)
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