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Taylor Garms
I love words, designing, art, ministry, family, Jesus Christ, and Southern Gospel music. Will that do?
I love words, designing, art, ministry, family, Jesus Christ, and Southern Gospel music. Will that do?

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How pleasant to work from home!

Admittedly, it is difficult to balance work, family, and music—and I fall short of the expectations I hold for myself. My to-do list currently has multiple unchecked items, but tomorrow is a new day, a fresh attempt in God's grace.

Watch for an upcoming rebrand! Until then, back to work...

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A Pearl of wisdom from a friend about balancing plans—and real life. I needed this post...

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Merry Christmas to whoever-is-left-on-Google+!

As I restructure my business and piece together ideas for our family's ministry in 2017, I am reminded that "The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps." (Proverbs 16:9) I am quicker to chart my course and lay out life goals than to stop and seek the Lord's plan.

You know that famous verse, "For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord"? Earlier this month—after a heart-to-heart confab with +Leesha Garms on the road—God impressed it upon my heart, saying: "Taylor, I have a plan for your life. You just have to walk with Me."

It sounds so simple, right? But it is profound, even earth-shattering if you take a moment and consider it: God...has a plan...for my life. Doesn't it make you want to tear up those silly mile-long lists of goals and throw open your arms, saying to the mighty Orchestrator, "Speak, Lord, Your servant listens!"?

As 2017 rapidly approaches, I cling to Psalm 138:8: "The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of Your hands."

I'll say it again: Merry Christmas—and Happy New Year! Go with God.

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Hey girl friends! I love this boutique shop. In fact, as I type, I'm wearing a dolman that I swooped up here.

Let me cut to the chase: There's this giveaway. It's worth your while to check it out >>>

+Leesha Garms +veryjane 

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Finally published several photos from the 2016 Twin Cities Quartet Convention! Such a joy to participate in this event!

#crossingthingsoffmytodolist #eventphotography #southerngospel 

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I have spent not a few nights tossing in bed, praying over the question of "Who will I vote for this year?"

Well, I've voted. And I voted for Donald J. Trump.

Let it be known: I was the Garms sibling that called Donald J. Trump a brute.

Yet, ultimately, I chose not to waste my vote for someone I knew will not stand a chance of being elected. I chose to vote for a man with whom I do not agree on multiple subjects—and yes, there remain things that cause me to cringe—yet, there was enough common ground to stand on and place my vote for him. In consideration of my neighbor (the unborn, the own children someday), I chose to vote for someone who is pledging (though a man's word is unreliable) to protect my neighbor and battle the rotten corruption in the government of my country.

I know a handful of my circle will never agree with me. I also know many in my circle that have come to the same conclusion. AND I know that "He Who sits in the heavens laughs...'As for Me, I have set My King on Zion, My holy hill.'" (Psalm 2:4-6) In the end, it's not my vote that matters, or yours: The Sovereign Lord has already ordained to whom He is handing the country over. I place my trust in Him.

"It is I Who by My great power and My outstretched arm have made the earth, with the men and animals that are on the earth, and I give it to whomever it seems right to me." (Jeremiah 27:5)

(Well, in light of that verse...why did I vote at all, if God has it all planned out anyway? Oh great, seems like another night without sleep... :P :) )

BUT (all that to say), I love Leesha's words here:

They get up every morning, grab their schoolbooks, and settle down either on the couch or table. By afternoon, their lessons are done. The rest of the day is theirs to spend as they see fit. Play basketball, explore the fields and woodlands on our property, work on their dreams. One wants to start his own business of creating music soundtracks. Another is working towards becoming a graphic designer. And the other dreams of being a Civil War reenactor.
They’re my siblings. And all three are under voting age.
Yet for them, this presidential race is more than a news story. It’s the difference between the life they live now and the terror that could happen.
Hilary Clinton says she is for children’s rights. Yet, she will gladly create laws that will take all mine and my siblings’ rights. My three siblings listen to reports of the latest news concerning the race between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton anxiously. They don’t want to be taken from home and forced into a public school that will jeopardize their faith, their safety, and their lives. They’ve heard the stories of children killing each other in school. They know the laws that allow anybody into the bathrooms with no protection or privacy for them. And they know from testimonies that no one in a public school is going to let them live the Christian faith they hold dear.
My dear friends, this upcoming election is frightening for everyone. Especially for the ones that have no voice. They want the right to own guns, be homeschooled, and live out their Christian faith. They want protection from the intruding and controlling government Hilary Clinton is purposing. They have read about the countries when evil rulers took over and they don’t want America to be the next one. They want the freedom and rights promised them in the Constitution of America.
While I personally do not agree with all of Mr. Trump’s decisions and morals, I know this: he’s not about to abduct my siblings from home. Mrs. Clinton will. Mr. Trump won’t take the guns from our safe. Mrs. Clinton will and put them into the hands of people who want to kill me. Mr. Trump probably won't put a stop to our family's ministry of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ through music all over the country. Mrs. Clinton plans to use the government to get rid of religion. And I don't think Mr. Trump wants to kill off all the dear older people I sing to night after night. Mrs. Clinton advocates the getting rid of the "undesirables."
Even if you are unsure of voting for Mr. Trump, consider this. There are those who desperately want the rights to live peaceful, wholesome, Christian lives. But they have no voice in this election because of legal restraints. There are those who have no voice. Will we not rise and be that voice for them? Can we not secure as best as able those rights for ourselves, for them, and for those who follow us?
I look at my precious siblings and at the delicate balance that hangs between good and evil. And I pray, Dear God, have mercy on us all.
#donaldtrump #trumppence16 #conservative #secondamendment #homeschooling #christian


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Online videos don't often make me laugh out loud, but this one totally did it for me. #christianmusic

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Sometimes there are "pinch-me" moments.

From creating posters for groups I watched on stage as a teenager to doing quartet photography for one of my favorite quartets... Sometimes I don't have words to express the honor I feel.

#lovedesigning #southerngospel #posters #photography
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Finally published another website! The Kalona Gospel Sing's spot on the web needed a facelift and I was honored to do it—though it took a while to get all the ducks in a row! :) Visit it live:

This is one of the websites where I also had the fun to do event photography as a bonus! Most of the recent photography on the site is by me. Below is one of my favorite snapshots: I just know Larry Delawder is trying to finagle some cookies away from these gals...

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Check out this new release from our friend +Daniel J. Mount! Privileged to have designed the cover!

(We can't wait to see which posts made the top 50!)
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