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keep forever and a day ... my heart my soul in every way ...hear the sounds feel the hit ..and hit and hit...more more ...this is it ... no shins nor knees this day receives ... but inside deep inside it breathes and seethes ... to gaze upon pure wonderment ... feel feel it ... forever and a day ... :) ... YES :) HAPPY DAY EVERYONE  ...

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THIS IS TRUE ART!!!!!!!!!! a real artist... :) so gifted :)

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some souls tattered and torn
feel believe that they are scorned
feel as if the world has gone
left the only part of their heart
some souls send vibrations
so strong i cry from sensation
deep within so very deep
lies a scar no one can see
no one can care to even believe
that such a thing could even be
gaze upon your eyes and feel
reel from the sensation derail
pounding shouting from the top
so very deep i hear the call
i hear the cry i feel your pain
so very deep it still remains
choices chances we all have some
deal the deal then it done
confusion clear conclusion dear
but believe ..believe these words
i feel you pain ..i see your hurt
cry each time i gaze upon
your strength your storm...eyes
arms so strong tether sure ..body
buried deep buried cure ..i see
a heart that is so pure...

a new friend, he is gay and the most beautiful man i have ever seen he is German. Very strong man! Very famous man!! But i see more so i wrote this for him* he is sad deep down inside i feel it ...

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barely breathe when your not near
sitting here wishing dear
that i can feel i can see
you here in my arms before me
sharing this wonderful fantasy
caring my ride is safe and wide
barely breathe when your not near
in minds eye i feel you're care
maybe wishes upon a star
to have you here now in my arms
smiling grinning
still wishing you near
my only love my dear
soon i will find you i will care
lies awaits only that true embrace
today tomorrow not a race
slow pace careful grace
only way only heart only breathe
only can ...need so bad ...need
AIR ...

i write love ballads, they are just words ...

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*Ocean Calling My Name* 

ocean always calls
calls my name
dreams fluid
liquid breeze
no need
ocean always calling
calling out my name
saying come to me
i am here always the same
come see me...
stare into my abyss
let me enthrall you
wide expansive
no cares
ocean always singing
tunes not resisted
always the same
never the same
echo breezes 
always calling my name...

i miss the ocean .the water so much its a part of who i am ..a large part ..* 

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Where your Love is Bound...

what has happened
where are you now
feel so far away somehow
whispers barely whispers
where are you now
are you thinking
are you wishing
connection stark
feel so lost
feel so alone
no one to care
what have i done
to take away
the love you send
day after day
please come back
come back to me
i know i'm there
i feel whispers
on the breeze
tiny blinking
almost not
come back to me
we share a spark
so far away
my only solace
from the wants
from the evil
only pure knowing
complete upheaveal
where are you
what have i done
your a god your the sun
i am but a little bird
trying to fly as close
as i can surely burn
so far away
i can feel
still burn for my heal
for my touch
for my love
wondering if i am
fantasy or from
the skies above
where are you now
come my love
think of me
to fill your heart
fill your need
to be like the seas
larger better
than the rest
heart pure
warrior stand
you command
i will come
be in your arms
forever young
forever one
two halves of whole
individual but tether holds
hurry back
hurry soon
i miss the whispers
i miss the sounds
hurry home ..where your love is bound...

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Shemar Moore (@SFM420) tweets, "My #1 Baby Girl on the set of CRIMINAL MINDS.. Season 8... New episodes start in a few weeks.." #CBS2012
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