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Time to get back to writing and the work I get paid for.

Hello Everyone!

The PNW HEMA Gathering needs your help! We need registrations or the 5th Annual Pacific Northwest Historical European Martial Arts Gathering won't happen. 

This year we have an amazing line up of instructors from all over the U.S. and Europe: Ilkka Hartikainen, Keith Farrell, Ties Kool, Jake Norwood, Kyle Griswold, Briston Lowry, Rebecca Boyd, and the PNW's very own Lee and Nicole Smith, and many others!

In addition to the fantastic array of instructors there will be a veritable glut of tournaments: Invitaional Sword & Buckler, open steel longsword, open nylong longsword, singlestick, and arguably the best ringen tournament in all of HEMA. 

But we have a deadline.  We need 31 registrations by June 9th. We have 11 so far. Spread the word in your groups, on your webpages, post something meaningful in a forum for a change, write your congressman, steal lunch money from school kids, shakedown leprechauns, bottle unicorn farts, spike the lemonade stand, do what you must: Register today!
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