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So we finally got a new development release: +GIMP  2.9.4.

Also each time you see my name in the news on GIMP website, assume this is a contribution in the name of +ZeMarmot project, since making GIMP into an awesome professional image software is my goal mainly led by "ZeMarmot" needs nowadays!

As a result, if you help ZeMarmot movie, be aware that you contribute also for development in GIMP (as well as for a very cool and awesome Open Movie in +Creative Commons by-sa). Below links to help us:
GIMP 2.9.4 released with improved look-and-feel (new UI themes, new icon themes), rewritten color management support (everything is color-managed), easy softproofing, better selection tools, split before/after preview on canvas for filters, and other exciting changes. Windows installer to follow. Still quite a bit of work to do to release 2.10, help would be much appreciated!

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Votez pour le projet "GIMP Motion" pour aider +ZeMarmot et le logiciel libre! Si on gagne un prix, cela contribue directement au Logiciel Libre et à financer du code sur +GIMP upstream! :-)
Votez pour "GIMP Motion" pour le prix de l'initiative numérique!
Cela nous permettra de gagner le prix du public et de mettre en avant le logiciel Libre. Cela contribue au développement de +GIMP et aide la réalisation du film Libre +ZeMarmot, film sous licence +Creative Commons by-sa.

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I painted him for my kids.

Gimp 2.8.16. with two build-in basic brushes. 20min.

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Our end-of-2016 report:

Now is a good time to support ZeMarmot project by donating by the way (all links in the blog post)! ;-)
For a good movie, Libre Art, Free Software, artists fairly paid, because you want +GIMP even better and faster… any reason you wish!

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The woman in the metro is very depressive but so true. Sometimes (often?) when you see all these people cramming in shops before Christmas, just because you are supposed to, it's so sad. Me being one of them, it's even sadder. As much as I'd like to pretend to be different, I'm not really.
A consumption world…

Anyway I love both images!
Also, +GIMP rocks! :-)
Two very cool Christmas images by +Aryeom Han, +ZeMarmot's director.
The first one may be quite depressive and makes you think about so-called "Christmas spirit". The second one is more classic "postcard-style". Aryeom said she wanted to practice her calligraphy on this one.

In any case, Merry Christmas to everyone! :-)

As usual, made with +GIMP!
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Have a look at the 404 animation +Aryeom Han and I made for +GIMP website!

This is animated SVG. The SVG character was drawn in +Inkscape by Aryeom, and I animated it with SMIL under Aryeom's supervision. Since no Free Software (that I know of) is currently able to export animated SVG (whether with SMIL, CSS or even js), I had to do this "by hand", writing XML (SMIL) directly in the file with a text editor.
So a small call to other Free Software developers out there: SVG animation would be a cool feature! :-) (I would do it if I could make the time. But that would mean likely not soon at all in my case) Look the fun things we can do, that replaces easily GIF or basic usage of Flash in a web-integrated manner.
I am particularly thinking of either Inkscape which could add some animation features, or +Synfig which could add SVG export. :-)

Of course, some people asked if GIMP was in the process. Well no. At first we planned to do our usual raster animation process, which is our specialty (see +ZeMarmot, indeed done with GIMP), which would have ended up actually faster and easier for us to do (considering we don't animate with a text editor there :p) and could be embedded in the website as <video>. But we thought that SVG was probably better suited for the web, and also we like to discover new technics.

Last point: I know that SMIL was supposed to be deprecated by +Google Chrome at some point. But even though most websites in the world have not updated the news, this is NOT the case anymore since August! Google canceled the deprecation:
The reason is that they realized that (after long discussions with users) CSS animation is still lacking too many features to be at SMIL level, therefore removing it would be a step-back for the web.
I personally like SMIL for being in the same language as SVG, therefore embedded by definition. CSS (when well done) would usually be an external file meaning that you can't download an animated SVG by downloading the SVG as standalone. Of course, CSS can also be embedded, but then when you use a Content Security Policy to secure your website (as we do on, some major browser (+Mozilla Firefox) has a very annoying bug blocking inline contents even on <img>, which actually should not happen, according to CSP spec:
So I prefer SMIL when your animation is made to be a standalone animation, not something which need to be integrated into a more complex web application (in which case CSS or even javascript would be likely better suited).
Well that's thin reasons, and at some point, I may change my mind depending indeed on how things evolve for CSS animation. In any case, I do hope that SMIL won't be deprecated anymore until then! :-)
Long live SMIL!

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Being surrounded by talented creators means we get some neat things to play with. In this case, +Aryeom Han and +ZeMarmot have created a fun animated Wilber for our website when you reach a 404 - File not found!

Has anyone tested the development version of +GIMP (2.9) with Input Method Engines (IME) on Windows and OSX?

As I announced a few months ago, I really improved IME support, but mostly tested on Linux, and with Japanese and Korean. This fixed several bugs and even some crashes.

But I wonder if anyone who tested could report how it went for them, especially on other Operating Systems (like Windows or OSX). Any user input? :-)

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After the "newcomers" talk at +GNOME's GUADEC, I have wondering what would be a good bug for newcomers on +GIMP.
As you may know, there is good read-only metadata support now. Yet these still cannot be edited, which sucks. Also the metadata window is slow and this would be good to improve as well.

This feature should not be too hard to work on for a newcomer and would definitely be worth it. Moreover since this is one of the main features in our GIMP 2.10 roadmap (, finishing it is one step closer to release! :-)
You'd get definitely a lot of love for this!

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