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David Blane
Favorite beer: Pilsner Urquell
Favorite beer: Pilsner Urquell


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I have been thrown into a site launch where we have about 5,200 current pages of content bringing in significant traffic. We're pushing out a launch with a new site with a significantly reduced amount of content. Almost all blog content will disappear.

My question is this... Should we set up all the redirects to the reduced sitemap, watch traffic dip and add content back as needed (strategically based on top performing pages)? OR... Should I wait to set up any redirects until we can add most of the content back to the site as possible; dealing with the dip in traffic for a few weeks..

Essentially I am wondering it it's bad to change the 301's twice .. The first time to less relevant content, then AGAIN to more relevant content (when it's been produced).

Does anyone ever pay for directory submissions anymore? I haven't bothered in years. Just curious.. I was looking at 'BestoftheWeb'.. Scam or Success?

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Refreshers are never a bad thing. Rediscover why email is an awesome channel for marketing in our new series of email basics. Bookmark this section as it continues to grow.

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Has anyone here ever gone 100% no-follow to all external linking blog links as a policy on your site? If so, was it a good SEO decision?

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Hi -

I'm currently setting up some guest post guidelines for our blog. Does anyone know of any template I could refer too that works really well? I'm hoping to maintain a good relationship with these fellow experts but I don't want to hurt the value of our page content. Any good references?


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