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Where I cam buy Sony Xperia Z3 Warranty?

The Sony Xperia Z Tablet versus the iPad Tablet
Ten year ago this kind electronic isn’t possible.  People would thought this is magic.  Sony Xperia Z connects to other devices like tablets.  Sony Xperia Z is a better electronic tablet than the Apple iPad for many reasons. People too often buy the iPad, because that tablet is famous. It was invented by Steve Jobs, a well-known inventor. Those tablets have so many applications people believe that they are getting a better product.  Customers think that all those applications are important for them, but truly most customers will never need that many applications. Customers who use the Android operating system have as many features and can also download applications.  Like the iPad, many of the applications in the Android system are not necessary for most customers. So comparisons should be made about memory, hardware like cameras, SD card slots, and display. Although over three million customers bought the iPad, the Sony Xperia tablet is, nevertheless, a better electronic device, because it has better hardware and software, physical features, and compatibility that make is easier to use.
The Sony Entertainment Corporation released the Sony Xperia tablet Z in the United States.  They decided to release the tablet in response to the three million Americans who purchased an iPad device in the past several years (“Whittaker”).  The market for electronic tablets in the United States is very large.  Sony’s Xperia Z is now available as competition for the iPad.  Electronic tablets are popular today, because they are as powerful as a computer. They are portable and easy to access.  They are faster than a computer, because users don’t have to wait for them to turn on.  They can just touch the screen and start working.  Tablets are also popular, because users are able to play different kinds of entertainment, including: HD movies, HD video and still photography, live streaming television, quick links to social media sites, and music downloads Sony .  As technology advances, tablets will be interchangeable with phones, cameras, and universal remotes for the entire house entertainment system.  They will be able, through Wi-Fi, to project or process information on any screen in the house, including the laptop, desktop, and television. So users will not have to be isolated to one screen with their data, photos, information, or entertainment.
             The external memory on a Sony Xperia Z tablet can be increased with the use of an external memory (SD) card.  This is not possible on the iPad, which makes the Xperia Z a more flexible and powerful tablet that can hold more information. “In the United  States 77 percent of people between the ages of  18 and 29 use social networking; while just 23 percent of those 50 and over do so, says the Pew Research Center” (Whiting 81).  By having an external SD card, anyone using social media can upload pictures or video or documents to their Facebook page or their Twitter feed. People enjoy accessing their social media everywhere they bring their mobile devices.  Standing in line at the grocery store, anyone with an external SD card can download a movie to watch while they wait. Having external storage also makes it possible for users to save the pictures they receive or find online. By removing an SD card, social media users can also  save in their mobile devices like smart phone, and tablet. This means that people can take large amounts of data with them wherever they go and use it on more devices. “The mobile industry is ubiquitous. Consumers rely on their mobile devices more than any other personal technology” (“LaCie”).  Many of people depend on tablets more than laptops or desktops.  They use handheld devices in many ways such as social media and networking. Having the flexibility of different sized SD cards gives Sony customers store more pictures. With up to 64 gigs of memory they can store pictures and videos. Users can upload to their Facebook pages, Twitter, and Google plus.  These options help to make the Sony Xperia Z tablet easier to use than an iPad.
            Sony’s Xperia Z tablet has more features than the Apple iPad, because it is a Sony UI and Android compatible. This makes it more useful for the millions of people who use social networking every day. The iPad does have many features and applications as well, but being Android compatible gives the Xperia Z even more features, because users can access all of Sony’s entertainment and applications as well as Android’s. The iPad does not have one-touch technology. It is not compatible with PlayStation, and only accesses movies and music from the iTunes store. “As of August, 2010, 41.6% of the US population had a Facebook account (128.9 million out of 309.9 million), said Social Media Today” (Whiting 82).   Millions of Americans use social media multiple times a day.  To do this, they need devices they can access from anywhere.  People often Tweet their Starbuck’s order or what they’re having for lunch.  They need to have a device that is portable, fast, easy to use, and inexpensive to buy and update.  Facebook and Twitter users want technology that can get them connected with their friends no matter where they are.  The Sony Xperia Z tablet is perfect for them, because they can use it very easily. “Teachers are starting to explore the potential of blogs, media sharing services, and other social software – which, although not designed specifically for e-learning, can be used to empower students and create exciting new learning opportunities” (O’Hear 64). The Xperia’s compatibility can also help with school, because it is good to multi-task more than one program and students can use different programs for learning. The teacher can attach to the students’ tablets, transfer data to the teacher’s tablet, and see what the students did in school. Not only are they compatible with many features, like near field communication (NFC) you can touched  other devices that  NFC able, Bluetooth, and other features, but they also have good software.
Sony’s Xperia Z tablet can be purchased with its own music, movies, PlayStation games, and one-touch technology.  Sony has over 77 programs and 4,500 hours of video clips, available through Sony Entertainment (“Sony Xperia”). “8 megapixel rear-facing camera with Exmor R support, which takes good pictures and there is also a front-facing 2 megapixel camera, just in case you want to take a picture of yourself, or for that video call to the family from a work trip” (“ Sony Xperia”).  Because the Sony camera is so versatile and comes with support software, this is more than is available on the iPad. The iPad has a 5 megapixel, front-facing camera with a 1.5 megapixel, rear-facing camera.  These take nice photos and clear video, but the iPad does not come with the Exmor R support available for the Sony tablet.  Sony users have more flexibility and options with their cameras. “The Sony Xperia Z is run by a Snapdragon S4 pro-quad core processor with 2 gigabytes of internal RAM. It has an X4 video player that lets users play four clips simultaneously” (“Sony Xperia”).  This is important because the iPad does not have nearly this level of processing speed, RAM or software ability.  Users who purchase a Sony tablet can simply log on to the Sony Entertainment and PlayStation Networks and search for media or entertainment files.  The first year is free of charge, but afterward, users have to pay for their downloads.  The Sony Entertainment network has movies and songs, and the PlayStation Network has video games for download.  
The Sony Xperia Tablet Z is best tablet in the world, the best of Sony in the tablet.  Many people have Apple iPads but some people are buying Android tablets like Sony Xperia Tablet Z.  The things that make the Sony a better tablet are better features, better software, and more flexible compatibility with other devices and the Sony Entertainment Network.  Customers who are thinking about buying a new tablet should research about comparisons and see how much better Sony is than Apple. Too many people buy the iPad because they think that is better than Sony Xperia tablet Z. In the end, the Sony is better tablet then iPad for many reasons.  

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