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Whenever I'm on the road (which is a lot) the TWIT network helps keep me from losing my sanity and makes me smarter. Thank you, TNT! #howiwatchtnt

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Shameless plug here, for my Kickstarter campaign. My good friend and I would like to get some funds together to move ahead with our podcast, Crew Call, a web series about film and television crew members. These are the ones that have great stories to tell from their experiences behind the scenes, but also are a wealth of knowledge. Please take a look!

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A friend and I have launched our Kickstarter for Crew Call, a web series to tell the tales of the incredible artisans that make up fun and television crews. We are looking for a little help to get our podcast off the ground.

It may be a bit ambitious, but we've got the ball rolling already and want to solidify some solid shows. For those of you who are interested, we'd love your support. Even $5 would put us over the moon. If you can't offer any financial support, we love to have you pass it along to your friends.

Thanks much!

Two weeks ago we got two brand new Mac Pros along with two Black Magic Design UltraStudio 4K breakout boxes. On and off for two weeks, I've been trying to get audio and HD video to properly play out of the UltraStudio 4K without success. When I called Black Magic, they tell me they haven't gotten any new Mac Pros in to test the equipment on so they can't help me. Really?!

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We have some trees blocking our DirecTV dish that I've had to keep cutting back over the last year or two. So I thought this might be a good time as any to switch to cable, and a perfect opportunity to initiate Operation Chicken Challenge. My bill was $90 a month for the standard def Total Choice Classic package with two DVRs, one of which is a dual receiver. Between a $25/month discount, plus a one-time $120 credit, they managed to get my bill down to what is going to average out to be $55 a month for the same plan. Time to borrow the neighbor's pole saw and trim those trees again.
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