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Thank you Mark! We'll make sure that +Brad Hajizade knows that you put in the good word for him.

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Notes On Creating Videos

I recently started a blog about online dealership marketing to share the things we do at Motors On Wheels.

Car dealers and marketing managers are super busy folks. So I opted for a video/article hybrid. 5 to 10 minute of total content with maximum impact.

The following are my notes on what worked best for me in shooting videos for the blog (

The Process

1. Create a quick outline of the whole video from start to finish. Don't spend more than 30 minutes on this.

2. Use your phone camera to film the outline ad-hoc from start to finish.

3. Watch the ad-hoc video and: remove the parts in the script that you're not 100% about and rephrase sentence you're not comfortable with.

4. Repeat step 2 & 3 until you have a good script.

5. Using  your pro setup (good lighting, camera and sound) film the script in tiny 15 to 30 second chunks. Each chunk must deliver a clear message or value.

6. In each chunk, the most important parts are the first sentence and last sentences, so memorize them verbatim. The middle part is malleable (I find myself reshooting chunks where I didn't do this).

Checklist For Chunk Approval

* Was the point clear?
* Are there too many 'ummmmms' and similar distracting gestures.
* Do I believe in what I'm saying? Can I prove it with stats? Can I reproduce results?


* If you mess up while filming a chunk, don't stop. Keep going, this will make the next take easier.
* Take breaks after too many mess ups.
* Turn off the AC BEFORE you shoot :)

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