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danah boyd

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In less than a month, my new book – “It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens”  (see: ) - will be published.  This is the product of ten years worth of research into how social media has inflected American teen life.  If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you’ve seen me talk about these issues over the years. Well, this book is an attempt to synthesize all of that work into one tangible artifact.

Now I have a favor…. please consider pre-ordering a copy (or two <grin>).  Pre-sales and first week sales really matter in terms of getting people’s attention. And I’m really hoping to get people’s attention with this book. I’ve written it to be publicly accessible in the hopes that parents, educators, journalists, and policy makers will read it and reconsider their attitude towards technology and teen practices.  The book covers everything from addiction, bullying, and online safety to privacy, inequality, and the digital natives debate.

If you have the financial wherewithal to buy a copy, I’d be super grateful.  If you don’t, I totally understand.  Either way, I’d be super super super appreciative if you could help me get the word out about the book. I’m really hoping that this book will alter the public dialogue about teen use of social media.

You can pre-order it at:
- Amazon (Hardcover, Kindle, Audiobook):
- Powell's:
- Yale University Press:
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Dana please call me. It's lisa. U got the tattoo chair
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danah boyd

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My post on what the anti-trafficking movement can learn from sex workers went live on Blogher: 
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Let us keep it up
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danah boyd

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Stop the Cycle of Bullying is a new op-ed that +John Palfrey and I co-authored for the Huffington Post. Enjoy!
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danah boyd

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::giggle:: I'm delighted to be featured in Fast Company's piece on Generation Flux. Not only was talking with Bob an absolute delight, but we had way way way too much fun at this photoshoot. The funny thing? This is the first time that I wore high heels since high school (where I fell off a stage during a beauty pageant...).
The future of business is pure chaos. Here’s how you can survive--and perhaps even thrive.
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Capital letters are symbolic of outdated hierarchy. Down with the tyranny of proper nouns!

Jokes aside, great article. Interesting points about where silos still play a role in global enterprises. All this talk of cash cows and steel silos is making me think there's a dynamite Farmville metaphor to be had somewhere in there ...

Congrats +danah boyd!
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danah boyd

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Scholars: Here's a list of open calls for research-related opportunities that I'm helping co-direct: (This includes postdocs, internships, summer institute, journal opportunities, grants)
Over the last six weeks, I've posted various opportunities for students, academics, and other scholars that I'm co-directing/hosting, many of which have deadlines looming. I want to summarize them ......
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danah boyd

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What is the Role of Technology in Human Trafficking?

Networked technologies – including the internet, mobile phones, and social media – alter how information flows and how people communicate. There is little doubt that technology is increasingly playing a role in the practices and processes surrounding human trafficking: the illegal trade of people for commercial sexual exploitation, forced labor, and other forms of modern-day slavery. Yet, little is known about costs and benefits of technology's role. We do not know if there are more human trafficking victims as a result of technology, nor do we know if law enforcement can identify perpetrators better as a result of the traces that they leave. One thing that we do know is that technology makes many aspects of human trafficking more visible and more traceable, for better and for worse. Focusing on whether technology is good or bad misses the point; it is here to stay and it is imperative that we understand the role that it is playing. More importantly, we need to develop innovative ways of using technology to address the horrors of human trafficking.

To date, there is little empirical research into the role that technology plays in human trafficking, let alone the commercial sexual exploitation of children. As a result, new interventions and policies are being driven by intuition, speculation, and extrapolation from highly publicized incidents. There's no doubt that all forms human trafficking and modern day slavery are horrible, but if we actually want to help those that are victimized, we need to recognize that this is a complex issue and work to understand how the puzzle pieces fits together. My team at Microsoft Research is trying to untangle technology's role in different facets of the human trafficking ecosystem, fully recognizing how complicated and messy it is. This is why we need your help.

Thanks to the generous support of the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit and Microsoft Research, I'm proud to announce a pool of grant money for researchers who can help us understand critical elements of the puzzle. Please forward this far and wide because we're hoping to find scholars with the skills, domain knowledge, and passion to really help us interrogate how technology is used in human trafficking. We need anthropologists, communications scholars, computer scientists, criminologists, psychologists, sociologists, etc.

- Request for Proposals:
- Deadline for proposals: February 17, 2012

In order to help contextualize our RFP, we have prepared a framework document meant to map out one slice of the human trafficking ecosystem: "Human Trafficking and Technology: A framework for understanding the role of technology in the commercial sexual exploitation of children in the U.S." This document is meant to articulate some of the complex issues and hard questions that we face in trying to understand technology's role in one aspect of human trafficking. If you're interested in this space, please be critical and challenge our thinking.

We are also looking to identify scholars who are working in this space, including graduate students and postdocs and researchers whose work is not yet published. Even if you're not looking for grant money, please drop us a line if you're grappling with technology's role in human trafficking.

On a more personal note, I can't tell you how lucky I feel to work for an organization that is willing to sponsor this line of inquiry. It's amazing to work with colleagues who are all deeply passionate about really understanding this horrible practice in order to do what's right. We're all deeply committed to the importance of research and grounding our decisions in research. And we're all deeply grateful to all of those out there who are determined to end the violence and oppression that comes with commercial sexual exploitation and modern day slavery.

Thank you! And we look forward to hearing from you!
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que bom vamos mergulhar na experiência.
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danah boyd

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If anyone is looking for more money, more time, fun and lavish living ask me how . #make your dreams take off
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danah boyd

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I am watara from Ghana and I want to make you my special friend. What is your take on this proposal?
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danah boyd

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The Guardian just published a long piece by me on social media & fear: This is based on my SXSW talk.
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its not fear that's the true medium of the internet media..its "emotion".

it wasn't "fear" that motivated you're  sxsw talk 2 years ago, it was "emotional euphoria" ... that gave us the Arab spring brought to you by twitter and Google employee Arab-1.  it wasn't just you... but so many who haven't really spent 20 years watching how technology as religion replaced science and the arts sold  via networks and unregulated machine capitalism.

hot cold mcluhanism with the click and count monetization is the new age. Feudalism is the vogue...wrap it up in any meta wrapper one wants... vassals are vassals. 
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danah boyd

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Nancy Baym, Kate Crawford, Mary L. Gray to Join Microsoft Research

Many of you have asked me whether or not Microsoft Research was truly intending to invest in social media / internet studies. With this in mind, I have fantastically awesome news to share: Nancy Baym, Kate Crawford, and Mary L. Gray are all joining Microsoft Research. MSR will continue to invest in postdocs, PhD internships, and visitors with the hope of supporting social scientists who are asking critical socio-technical questions about the rise of new technologies.
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Я хочу с вами познакомиться можно Danah 
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danah boyd

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Q1: What are you doing to resist the corporate stranglehold over scholarly knowledge in order to make your knowledge broadly accessible?

Q2: What are the five things that you think that other scholars should do to help challenge the status quo wrt scholarly publishing?
The scholarly publishing industry used to offer a service. It used to be about making sure that knowledge was shared as broadly as possible to those who would find it valuable using the available ......
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hmed300 A hmed300 A ask God Almighty for me and you at the beginning of the new year

That away from you three
And narrow
And concern
And it saves you three
And your family
And religion

And be pleased that the three
Capacity of a living
Grace and thanked
And longevity

And to distract you, three
And envious eye
Gul and venomous

And to help you to three
And thanked
And worship Him properly
Happy new year to all
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danah boyd

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My collaborators and I built a framework to think about the role of technology in human trafficking. I would love y'all's feedback on this.
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i want sugar
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social media scholar, youth researcher & advocate
danah boyd is a Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research, a Research Assistant Professor in Media, Culture, and Communication at New York University  and a Visting Researcher at Harvard Law School. Her research investigates everyday practices involving social media, with specific attention to youth engagement. She recently co-authored Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out: Kids Living and Learning with New Media. She blogs at and tweets at @zephoria.

Nothing that she says represents the views of any organization that she is affiliated with or employed by.
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