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Super excited about this:

+Buffer has just teamed up with Tweriod. You can now find out your best times to Tweet - and then also Tweet at these times inside Buffer.

All it takes is one click to get yourself a lot better results from Twitter. :)

Would love to hear your thoughts, check it out here:
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Hey +Leo Widrich once you #Buffer guys sync up with Tweriod and your combo algo calcs an "accurate" best time to tweet • maybe you can do a rinse & repeat routine with SocialBro?
They've already teamed up with SocialBro, I'm just wondering which is the best to use? I signed up with SocialBro specifically for setting up Buffer schedules.
+David Gilson I know they have (but) the last dozen syncs I've done on SBro suggests some pretty weird BT2T that I hardly agree with, hence my req. to Leo to get his algo cookin with Twerio and then port it over to SBro.
good question David, do I sense a great opportunity for doing an experiment here? Let me know if you give both algorithms a go and see which one works better. :)
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