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Here is an amazing insider view from +Kevan Lee  who recently joined us on how it feels like going through the Buffer application process and then the +Buffer  bootcamp.

If you ever wanted to get a true look behind the scenes at Buffer, here it is! 

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So excited to make this public! 
It is NEVER boring to work at +Buffer! Today we made all of our revenue public: #transparency 

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New post on the Buffer blog toady about the definite guide to social media metrics: 

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So cool to see this timelapse video of a full day of working of the whole Buffer team - amazing work from +Andrew Yates  putting this together! 

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Really excited to kick off another round of videos with +Joel Gascoigne  in a new series: Founders Chat Friday. 

Our first one just went live today about remote working and the tools we use to make it happen. 

Would love your insights on the topic!  

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Excited to be launching brand new Buffer analytics today with Google Analytics support and more: 
What an exciting start into the new year!

We just launched some big new improvements for Buffer analytics, to make Social Media tracking even easier and more powerful.

Here're some of the incredible write-ups:


Check out our own post with tons of screenshots and explanations:

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So grateful to be able to contribute to +Jay Baer 's Convince&Convert today with our best social media and content marketing tips:
Some incredible tips and advice here from +Buffer . Thanks to +Leo Widrich for putting these together to get your year off to a great start! 

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"People who are right a lot of the time, are people who often change their mind. Consistency of thought is not a particularly positive trait." - Jeff Bezos

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So excited to share this post. A lot of people have reached out to us and asked about the best workflows and tools we use at Buffer on a day to day basis.

These 8 are the key ones keeping us on track. And this is exactly how we make use of them:

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Wow, thanks for the kind words here +Guy Kawasaki . 
Behold the awesomeness of +Buffer 

Buffer is the center of my social-media efforts. It enables me to write one post and deploy it on Google+ (pages only, not profiles), Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

I can attach a picture or post a video, and each service can have its own schedule. There are analytics for your past posts, and multiple people can administer the account. 

Learn more here:

Disclosure: I advise Buffer--and I'm proud of it. 
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