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Many Americans, left and right, feel ambivalence not just toward the I.R.S. but toward the federal government and the outsize part it plays in our daily lives.

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Isn't Gen. Petraeus the CIA director?  He's been awfully quiet in all of this.  I wonder why.

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Congratulations Rick! Tonight’s win is head coach Rick Adelman’s 1,000th career victory. He becomes the eighth NBA coach all-time to reach 1,000 career wins, and the fifth-fastest to reach the milestone at 1,703 career games.  Adelman won his 600th career on this exact date (April 6) 10 years ago. 

Watch the LIVE post-game press conference on now:

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I am just a girl trying to come to terms with my relationship with the Minnesota Twins through my blog.  Someday maybe they'll show me that they love me, too.
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