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Introducing "How Linux is Built." Based on the annual report "Who Writes Linux," this is a powerful and inspiring story of how Linux has become a volunteer-driven phenomenon.
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Politics: the "Accountable Politician App".

Regarding SOPA, ACTA and software patents: I think it's pretty clear by now that western policymakers are insulated from their electorate by a thick layer of lobbyists and the money stream they provide.

I think we need more technology to make policymakers listen more: say an Android and iOS app (managed by the EFF?) that allows me to review current political battles at a glance and allows me to vote with my money as well as physical letter proxy campaigns when I disagree strongly.

In-app purchase (managed by the EFF) could allow me to quickly donate to politicians who bindingly promise to vote against say SOPA.

I would not have to trust their word: I could install a monthly revenue stream of a couple of dollars towards general themes - which gets distributed amongst congressmen who keep their promises.

This revenue stream would be automatically cut off from promise breakers, without me having to do anything. A percentage would go to the EFF, for their efforts.

I could set my interests and priorities in the app, which would notify me on important events and campaigns. I could even put money into escrow with the EFF, which would be used according to my current preferences. It would be made easy and fast via the app.

If just a million people did this it would already be a formidable force of voter contribution: several million dollars a month - more when an issue really irks people.

If ten million people did this it would be a king maker (and breaker) force. Politicians can ignore letter campaigns, but they cannot ignore hundreds of millions of dollars that goes to congressmen who keep their promises, checked continuously and in real time.

I think this would be a viable economic model of democracy and of real electorate representation.
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