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V/AudioService( 9134): pabx: isUSB=false, state=0, dev=2048, name=usb_audio

yeah.. good job android. usb_audio is probably not an usb device facepalm

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Version 4.2 of my #AOSP  (KitKat) port to the #XperiaZ  is now available at:

* Based on Sonys 10.5.A.0.227 blobs
* Using sonys new sensors framework
* Fixed reboot-into-recovery
* Fixed UI-Hang during manual carrier selection
* Upgraded WLAN driver to
* Upgraded to Linux 3.4.86
* Dropped CAF patches for now to solve some graphical glitches

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Version 4.1 of my #AOSP  port to the #XperiaZ  has been released:

'Only' kernel related changes: Linux has been upgraded to 3.4.82 and also includes maaany CAF patches (up to tag AU_LINUX_ANDROID_JB_2.6_RB1.

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Release 4.0 of my #AOSP  port to the #XperiaZ  has been released:

* Upgraded to Linux 3.4.80
* Ability to switch between Ondemand and Interactive governor in Settings
* Double-Tap-To-Wake (disabled by default)
* Upgraded bootanimation to Nexus-Kitkat version
* Compiled bionic with CAF Krait enhancements


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Version 3.8 of my #AOSP  port to the #XperiaZ  is now online. This release enhances the sound quality of 44.1khz files by using a better resampling algorithm

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Build 3.6 of AOSP for the #XperiaZ  is out. This release is based on Sonys 4.4.3 blobs and greatly improves the GPU performance.

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Sony seems to be a little slow with the release of the 4.3 Kernel sources for the Xperia Z. Anyway: I've uploaded an ALPHA version of my AOSP Port based on the 4.3 blobs for the Xperia Z:

Note that this is still using a (patched up) 4.2.2 kernel and some camera hacks due to some ioctl() changes. But it seems to work fine so far :-)

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...currently busy rebuilding my #AOSP  port to the #XperiaZ  using the 4.3 blobs.
Working so far:
* Audio
* Phone Calls
* OMX (hw video decoding/encoding)
* WIFI (hmpf.. still waiting for the kernel sources - the sony module is a pain)
* Camera + Movie recorder (still shaking, but getting there)

Not working:
* GPRS data.. (but i know how to fix it)

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Build '3.4' of my AOSP port to the Xperia Z is now available (based on Android 4.4.1)
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